DJ Chef Marc Weiss Dishes Up Beats and Bites

Celebrity Chef

Want to hire a chef who really performs for your next event? Simultaneously cooking gourmet food and deejaying, DJ Chef Marc Weiss has been dishing out food that rocks (literally) for over a decade.

Culinary Arts

Becoming DJ CHEF: From Poppy to Pop

Chef Weiss's passion for all things culinary got its start with lessons about fresh produce, taught by his great grandfather, "Poppy," a green market owner. From the age of 16, he also enjoyed deejaying house parties. During high school, Chef Weiss accepted a position as a prep cook in a local restaurant and, following graduation, enrolled in the New York Restaurant School. He'd found his culinary groove.

After earning his toque, Chef Weiss honed his culinary skills with top chefs like Matthew Kenney and Bobby Flay in some of New York City's finest restaurants. His talents weren't unnoticed; he received critical acclaim from such media big-hitters as the New York Times and Newsday. His culinary career continued to soar, but so did his passion for music.

Spinning Plates: Serving Foods that Groove

In 1998, Chef Weiss took the plunge and launched his own catering business, which combined his passions for food, music, and performing. By spinning records while preparing gourmet cuisine, "DJ CHEF" was born.

Chef Weiss's unique talents have industry tongues wagging. He has been hired for variety of celebrity events, including Christy Brinkley and B. Smith's Blue Moon BBQ and a James Blunt CD release party. Drawing mass media attention from a variety of networks--including the Food Network, MTV, and the Discovery Channel--he is quickly becoming a celebrity in his own right.

Today, DJ Chef Weiss is working on his own TV series and cookbook, and was recently honored by the New York Restaurant School for his culinary achievement and innovation. He has also participated in a number of charitable events for such groups as the Long Island Association for Aids Care (LIACC) and the March of Dimes.

Hire Chef Weiss for Your Next Event

DJ Chef Weiss continues to perform at a variety of events nationwide. If you'd like to hire Chef Weiss for your next event, just fill out the form to the right and a representative will contact you.


DJ Chef Marc Weiss