Chef Elizabeth Terry

Celebrity Chef

Elizabeth on 37th opened in May of 1981 in Savannah, Georgia, as the creation of Chef Elizabeth Terry and her husband Michael. The simple elegance of their turn-of-the-century Southern mansion sets the perfect tone for her subtle and stunning regional cooking based on wonderful old Southern recipes.

Chef Terry is devoted to classic Southern cooking and has extensively researched Savannah cooking of the 18th and 19th centuries. She has combined traditional cooking methods with a modern interest in fresh, health conscious menus.

Culinary Arts

The South is known for its hospitality, and award-winning chef Elizabeth Terry is known for her ability to create magic in the kitchen. With her cookbook Savannah Seasons: Food and Stories from Elizabeth on 37th, Chef Terry, working with her daughter Alexis, brings all the warmth of the South and her culinary expertise into the kitchens of home cooks everywhere. Chef Terry comments that Southern cooking is both country, "back of the stove" cooking and her favorite - elegant entertaining "front of the stove" cooking. Her food is contemporary but maintains recognizable old fashion flavors. Elizabeth makes the most of the wonderful bounty found along the Southern coast, using basic ingredients and works to combine and enhance the flavors, textures and preparations.

Chef Elizabeth Terry is a 1966 graduate of Lake Erie College for Women with a degree in psychology. She worked in the wine and cheese business in Atlanta, Georgia and in 1979 opened "Thyme for You", a small soup and sandwich shop. She is the mother of two daughters, Alexis and Celeste, who have grown up over the restaurant and are enjoying their mother's success.

Awards, Accolades and Activities

Elizabeth Terry's reputation as an innovator and leader in the cuisine of the "New South" is well established. Some of her many accomplishments include:

  • Food Arts - 1999 Silver Spoon Award
  • Forbes - 1999 top 40 restaurants in America
  • Zagat - 1999 Top Ranking for Food, Service, and Decor
  • James Beard - 1995 Perrier Jouet Best American Chef: Southeast
  • Mobil Travel Guide - 1997 & 1998 Four-Star Award
  • Cervena Venison - Front of House Service Award 1997 & 1998
  • Restaurants & Institutions - 1995 Ivy Award
  • DiRoNa - Award of Excellence 1993-1999
  • Food & Wine Magazine - 1992-1993 "Top 25 Restaurants in America"
  • Nations Restaurants News - 1993 Fine Dining Hall of Fame