Chef Silvia Bianco

Celebrity Chef

Chef Silvia Bianco Silvia Bianco is a local celebrity with an international flair. This restaurateur, chef, teacher, author and mother has been sautéing Italian inspired recipes for 10 years in her popular Ridgefield, Connecticut restaurant, Biscotti.

Her path to cooking success began in her native Italy. She hails from Calabria at the southwestern tip of the Italian peninsula. She remembers learning to cook what she now refers to as "peasant food." She laughs and says, "I thought that some day, this food ought to be discovered by Americans. I was amused when years later I saw my family's peasant food displayed and selling as gourmet at fancy food stores like Balducci's in Manhattan."

Culinary Arts

Silvia based all her restaurant meals on traditional Italian ingredients that could be quickly prepared using a sauté pan. "I like to create a sauce that responds to the wonderful flavors emerging from the sauté pan."

Biscotti's success and rave reviews were only the beginning for Silvia. She began teaching cooking classes based on her sauté methods and catering meals. She also developed an original and popular line of frozen take out meals, dubbed "Super Mom Meals" which are sold at the restaurant. The idea for this line came from her own past experiences as a single mom working to support her family but wanting the comfort of great food and family meal time.

But Silvia's road to success was not an easy one. Even though cooking and serving food had always been part of her life, Silvia chose a business career. She worked in the fashion industry during the day while studying for an MBA in the evening. Armed with her degree, she landed a sales executive position with a telecommunications firm. The job helped to meet the family's bills, but Silvia was unfulfilled. Then in 1989, tragedy struck. Silvia's husband Robert died suddenly, leaving Silvia alone to raise two young children. A few years later Silvia knew that she had to make a change, She didn't know what new career she would follow, but she believed there had to be something out there that would make her happy. Very soon her questions were answered when she became friends with a veteran of the restaurant business. Corwyn Anthony helped her achieve the dream of owning her own restaurant, and together they opened Biscotti to rave reviews.

Running a restaurant, teaching others how to cook, feeding families at home, and sharing her recipes in magazines are all things that Silvia has accomplished. Now with her new book, Simply Sauté, Silvia's life has come full circle. From the "bottom" of Italy to the top of her profession, Silvia Bianco celebrates Italian cuisine with her special traditions of wholesome, flavorful food.