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Baptism by fire is a concept that many of us–both in and out of the kitchen–have experienced personally. The professional chefs who write these articles love the challenges and thrill of learning, creating, teaching, and sharing practically everything culinary. They're not throwing sparks; they are standing in the fire--and loving it. Whether you are a professional chef or would like to become a chef or just enjoy the art of food and cooking, we hope that In the Fire will inspire you.

A Day in the Life of a Food Styling Expert

Learn about food styling, check out the top food styling pros in the industry, and learn how a culinary education can give you the tools you need to work as a food stylist.

The Rise of Reality Tv and Cake Decorating Themed Shows

Viewers are tuning into reality TV to see chefs in action as they craft themed cakes, fondant, and other culinary delights.

Trends Indicate Increased Demand for Gluten-free Menus and Recipes

By using gluten substitutes such as xanthan gum, chefs are increasingly adapting their menus to accommodate individuals with gluten-free diets.

Train for the Top Culinary Trends for 2011 at Culinary Schools in America

Lettuce grown on rooftop gardens. Children's meals that include fresh, whole foods. Fish species whose harvest doesn't damage ocean ecosystems.

The Debate Over Eating Exotic Meat

While people have always hunted wild animals for survival, eating exotic meat for pleasure and profit has become a growing culinary trend across the globe. Foodies, activists, inspectors, and restaurant owners all have different opinions about whether eating exotic meat is right or wrong.

Agave: Is this Healthy Sweetener all It's Cracked Up to Be?

Chefs, bakers, and bartenders love agave for its versatile flavor and exotic appeal, but some doubt the health claims made by many of its manufacturers. Read more about this brewing debate.

Kombucha: Why Are People Talking about This Tasty Tonic?

According to an article in the New York Times, kombucha's origins can be found in ancient China, though many countries have a history of fermented tea. It's made from adding some of the kombucha starter culture to a mixture of tea and sugar and letting it ferment for seven to fourteen days.

Green Cuisine Takes Root in America's Kitchens

Sustainable cooking. Clean cuisine. Call it what you will, but cooking with a conscience has struck a chord with chefs and, in turn, their clientele.

Food Trucks: The Latest Craze in the Cooking World

Catering trucks and street food don't have the best reputations. In the past, you could count on food trucks to serve up suspect tuna salad on stale white bread with limp lettuce and coffee so strong it could strip the paint off your car. Today's trucks, however, take a much different approach.

From Restaurant Failure to Culinary Success: How the Recession Is Redefining the Food World

There's no question that opening restaurants has been difficult over the past year. The balance of who is going to make it versus who's going to fold has many chefs contemplating their futures.