Chef Jobs: Get the 411 on Your Chef Career Options

Acknowledging your passion for cooking--and getting the culinary education you need--is the first step. So, what's next?  Deciding which type of chef you would like to be!  With so many options, Chef2Chef thought it would be helpful to dive deeply into the various types of chef jobs available to you.  Below, get the information you need about each type of chef--from "a day in the life", to training requirements, to salary information--all in one place.

Culinary Careers: Spotlight on Bakers

You can turn your love of baking into a successful career. Explore online baking degree programs and gain the skills you need to become a professional baker.

Use your culinary school degree to go glam with a career as a backstage caterer

Some chefs use their culinary school degree to earn good money doing backstage catering for actors, musicians or performers. Read more about working in this niche industry.

Say "i do" to a Career as a Wedding Caterer

One of the most exciting chef jobs in the culinary arts industry is wedding catering. Get paid well and be an essential part of people's ultra-special day.

The Cook's in the Kitchen: The Rise of Personal Chef Careers

Running a personal chef business requires more than just cooking skills. Learn how culinary school can increase your culinary repertoire, client-base, and income.

Chef Christopher Thielman: From Dishwasher to Culinary School Coordinator

Culinary school instructor Chef Christopher Thielman got his start as a 15-year old dishwasher. Find out how culinary school at the Culinary Institute of America helped him make the leap.

Culinary Careers: Spotlight on Restaurant Managers

Managing a restaurant requires a combination of people skills, business knowledge, and for some, culinary expertise. Find out what restaurant managers do, where they typically work, and industry trends.

Culinary Careers: Spotlight on Sommeliers (wine Stewards)

Love wine? Discover how you can turn your passion into a career and learn exactly what a sommelier's responsibilities may be.

Culinary Careers: Spotlight on Cafeteria Managers

Cafeteria managers don't just work in schools, as one might think. Learn about the many responsibilities and different environments that come with managing a cafeteria.

Culinary Careers: Spotlight on Sous Chefs

The sous chef is second-in-command in the kitchen. Learn what being a sous chef entails and how one can work to attain this position at a restaurant.