1300 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

About six months ago I was given an iPad as a gift, and while I don’t want to seem ungrateful, my first thought was, what the heck am I going to do with this thing? You see, I'm not terribly tech savvy, don't play any games except for Scrabble, and I have yet to adjust to the idea of reading books on a computer. So mostly, I just stare at my iPad, waiting patiently to find a use for it.

Well I think that day has finally come. Starting today a new “app” (application or software program) will be launched for the iPad and it sounds like something I might really be able to wrap my brain around. The app is called Cookulus, and from what I can tell, upon its release it will only offer the recipe for chocolate chip cookies. The thing that's so special about this recipe is that the user can tweak and manipulate it into 1300 different possible combinations. If you prefer a thick, soft, chewy cookie all you have to do is slide a few preference bars into place and a recipe for perfect thick, soft chocolate chip cookies displays. If you're making a batch of cookies for your friend, however, and you're not sure how to make her favorite thin, crispy cookies, all you have to do, instead of spending hours poring through cookbooks or searching online, is to slide a few bars around and the recipe is automatically adjusted for that type of cookie.

Each adaptation features variations in ingredients, cooking times and baking temperatures, depending on which characteristics you're looking for in your cookies. These are all configured based on an algorithm that has been designed to determine the best possible combinations for your desired type of cookie.

Cookulus will also include a yield calculator so if you need to bake 4 dozen cookies for your daughter's soccer team, no need to worry about adjusting the recipe accurately, it does all the math and proper adjustments for you. Once you perfect them, you can save your recipes to your own library and can highlight ingredients and techniques to learn more about them.

While in its first rendition the app will only offer a chocolate chip cookie recipe, it looks like adjustable recipes for other types of cookies, such as oatmeal and peanut butter, as well as recipes for brownies, pizza, and macaroni and cheese, are soon to follow.

Cookulus is the creation of cookbook author and product developer Andrew Schloss and entrepreneur Max Minkoff.