60 drinks in 60 seconds

While you would think that taking a beverage management class would be all fun and lots of trips to the restroom, you (and I) would be mistaken. The class is truly one of my favorites, and I am learning so much about great wines, how to make fantastic drinks, and even how the small changes in temperature can change the taste of a glass of wine. Yet, the class is a lot more lecture and test taking then I thought it was going to be.

Most of the class is spent by listening to my chef and watching PowerPoint presentations about how blue agave tequila is made or how tea is processed. The material is fun and is something that I would even spend time after class researching more, but I did think the class was going to be more hands on.

This past week, after hearing all about the different liquors, we have been “mixing” drinks and learning about cocktails. While we just used colored water in the actual cleaned out and washed bottles, it is still a lot of information to take in. We have learned almost 200 cocktails in only 2 classes! And to answer your question, no I certainly do not remember how to make them all.

Earlier today though we were tested on making 20 cocktails in 10 minutes, making sure the measurements for each drink were perfect. While this may not seem that difficult to some people, I can tell you when you are there working on pouring the drinks, it feels like you are making 60 drinks in 60 seconds! Your hands just fly. Thankfully, we are using a padded surface, as I was not the only one knocking over my glasses.

While this test wasn’t an exam or a large part of our grade, my chef wanted to try to recreate what working behind a bar would be like. I think if I were to actually work as a bartender, moving that quick would be something I could pick up easily, but having to do that while an experienced chef and 19 other students are staring in silence as you is a pretty stressful environment!

But I must say, I make an even better Mojito than I did before! It’s perfect right now after a long day.