The Dish: Culinary Students Tell All

May the Catering Gods Be With Us

It's time to finally pay the caterer for my August wedding by working with her at one of her gigs this weekend. ... Read More


An executive chef is to be, respected, to say the least, and followed without question. Their second in command is the sous chef, who is considered the boss and head of the line when a chef isn't pres ... Read More

Apples to Apples

The restaurant I work for recently switched its menu from Summer to Fall, and the flavor of the fall produce we have are crisp, hearty, and downright amazing. ... Read More

Rate of pay

A massage therapist has to go through school and obtain a license before he/she can begin practice. A cook, on the other hand, doesn't have to go to school to work in a kitchen, requires no special tr ... Read More

Finding The Right Fix

When you run into trouble in the kitchen, there is likely a website out there that can help. ... Read More

For the Love of Salty-Sour: Umeboshi!

Running out of a staple ingredient led me to remember how much I love umeboshi- the pickled fruit with an ancient Asian history. ... Read More

Inspired by Fear

... Read More

The Senses of a Cook

... Read More

Hard Knocks

... Read More

Can you write a recipe?

... Read More

Autumn Eats

... Read More

What A Waste

... Read More

Confusing The Palate

Swapping flavor profiles can be confusing to the palate, but lots of fun at the same time. ... Read More

The Making of a Flexitarian

Giving up meat at a young age led me to discover the world of vegetarian proteins, as well as enhance my repetoire as a professional chef. ... Read More

Hollandaise and Daily Practicals

... Read More