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The Dish: Culinary Students Tell All

It's Just So Good

Fancy French food can certainly be impressive and delicious...but it still can't compete with a well made batch of good old fried chicken. ... Read More

Wild E. Strawberry

It's never too late to learn something in the kitchen. Wild strawberries and my wild daughter have given me a great lesson is slow food. ... Read More

I Smell Like Kitchen

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Practice Makes Perfect

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Pizza On The Grill

Instead of throwing burgers and dogs on the grill this summer, why not try tossing on some pizzas? ... Read More

The 40-year-old Culinary Intern

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Risotto Science

Have you ever wondered what is taking place between the rice and the broth when making a dish of risotto that gives the finished dish its characteristic creamy consistency? Even with a recipe this sim ... Read More

Banana's For Pineapple

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Just Do It

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Kimchi: the Weather-Proof Condiment

The dilemma of planning menus in bizarro weather might be one of the least talked about challenges of climate change. ... Read More

The World I Know

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Who Moved My Cheese Into The 21st Century?

Grilled cheese sandwiches are the latest food trend to sweep the nation. ... Read More

In The Name of Bisque

Have you ever wondered what a "bisque" really is? Join Chef Mike as he attempts to unravel the confusion behind the name of this classic and delicious French soup. ... Read More

Letting Go in Order to Get Hitched

Musings about letting some other caterer (gasp!) prepare the most significant meal of my life... ... Read More