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The Dish: Culinary Students Tell All

Food photography and a cook book

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Curing Olives At Home

It's rare to get a chance to cure your own olives, so when some appeared at the local farmer's market, this chef jumped at the chance to give it a go. ... Read More

Alternative culinary programs

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A Saucy Love Affair

Among the many classic French sauces taught by culinary instructors at Le Cordon Bleu Chicago, one teacher has a definite favorite, and he isn't afraid to profess his love for this magical emulsified ... Read More

Private Chef Business, Vermont-style

Moving my established private chef business was risky, but I found a new niche in southern Vermont. ... Read More

Boston or Bust

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Airline food

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Ramping Up For Spring

Winter is finally over and spring vegetables, such as ramps, are beginning to appear at farmer's markets and grocery stores. ... Read More

Who I Am

Hey, it's Olivia. Just a little introduction to my deal with food plus I've got a killer deviled egg recipe to share for your next spring party. ... Read More

One Chef's Overdue Introduction

Hello fellow foodies! Chef Mike here from Le Cordon Bleu Chicago. I didn't get a chance to squeeze in any biographical info about myself last week, so here it is! Next week I'll be back to blogging ab ... Read More

dealing with disgust in the kitchen

Becoming more connected to the "whole", unprocessed forms of our food is parlty what being a professional chef is all about. Inspiring others to overcome feelings of disgust and embrace the messy, squ ... Read More

Going Bananas

Here are a few great recipes for bananas that are passing their prime. ... Read More

Guerilla Food Photography in Class

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New Arrival: Baby Kiwis

Baby kiwis are a tiny, fuzz-less fruit and are giving their larger counterparts a run for their money. ... Read More

Sting, But No Bite

Stinging nettles are the darlings of Spring menus, but this blogger is having trouble seeing, or tasting, the appeal. ... Read More