The Dish: Culinary Students Tell All

Menu Changes

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What Do Expiration Dates Really Mean?

Recent research tells us to pay less attention to expiration dates on food packaging and closer attention to the food itself. ... Read More

Decorating Disasters

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Exam Pain

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Coming Back To Books

A new website offers a solution to all of those cookbooks that sit, untouched, on your shelves ... Read More

Culinary school and food allergies

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This Is Not Your Grandmother's Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are no longer just a scary gadget from the past. They have recently resurfaced as the latest, must-have kitchen item. ... Read More

Creamy Martini?

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The Essence Of Preserved Memories

An old pressure cooker holds aromas and memories of years gone by. ... Read More

Village idiots and classroom victory

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How much is too much?

A culinary student's view on the salt debate. How much is too much? ... Read More

Anything You Can Do...

Sushi making used to be a man's job, but that is changing as more and more women are getting in on the action. ... Read More

A Ban on Bake Sales?!

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Someone's in the kitchen with an F-bomb

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What Comes Around, Comes Around Again

Say goodbye to cutesy cupcakes and hello to designer donuts ... Read More