The Dish: Culinary Students Tell All

Eat Your Veggies

A vegetarian restaurant that rivals the big boys. ... Read More

Taking the rig out to an Oil Rig gig!

Putting our new Barbeque rig to the test! ... Read More

Smell of Spring

A culinary school student living in New York City tries growing herbs when a vegetable garden is out of question. ... Read More

Goodbye New Home, Hello Old Home

Moving is never easy. But, making the transition of leaving your new home to go to your old home is that more difficult when you have final exams to worry about! ... Read More

Use A Little Practical Sense!

The end of the spring trimester and the end of any culinary lab means one thing: practicals. Not only does a student in a lab have to take a written exam, but also a practical, or a physical demonstr ... Read More

Week 3, Chef declares: It's perfect! And you're doing the lecture next week

Quick breads, biscuits, and a bit of pie. The winner of the apple category, professional division, of the Crisco National Pie Championships discusses week 3 of her pastry class. ... Read More

What Would a Real Chef Do?

Are you a professional chef? Help a culinary student out and take this survey! ... Read More

Helping with a Spring Wine Dinner.....

This past Sunday I helped a group of my fellow peers execute a Spring wine dinner at my boss's resort. Menu and photos within. ... Read More

Move Over Mia, There's A New Farro In The Spotlight

The rise in nutritional awareness among consumers has lead to the introduction of healthy, new versions of traditional products. ... Read More

"Under Pressure"

A culinary student discovers the joy cooking sous-vide. ... Read More

Week 2: More Quick Breads and Cooking with Boys who Talk about their [Bleep]

hef constantly repeated during lecture, "That's enough - you don't need to know any more at this point. I don't want to make your brains explode." Hey, Chef! Please, make my brain explode! ... Read More

A Little Taste of Sin, City

One culinary student's take on Las Vegas cuisine (and more). ... Read More

Not Milk?

Oat milk currently gets lost in the background behind its more popular counterparts, rice and soy milk, but its mildly sweet taste and smooth texture will surely push it to the front of the pack befor ... Read More

Eating: Culinary Student-Style

A culinary student talks about wasting food (or in his case, saving as much of it as possible). ... Read More

My Culinary Adventures in Napa (Part 4)

Dining in Bouchon, a French Bistro in the Napa Wine Country. $380 well spent. ... Read More