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The Dish: Culinary Students Tell All

Day 1, Murphy's Law and Muffins

Yesterday was my first cooking class, ever; Baking and Pastry I. My morning was, well, not what I had expected. ... Read More

My Culinary Adventures in Napa (Part 3)

Spending Mother's Day in Napa, California. ... Read More

My Culinary Adventures in Napa Continued...

Check out this second installment of one Chef's journey to the heart of California wine country! ... Read More

Bread Makes Me Nervous

Thoughts on preparing for my first pastry class. ... Read More

One Up Your Pizza Stone

It's possible to make a restaurant style, char blistered pizza at home with a few, easy to find items. ... Read More

Bloody Good Pudding

How one resident foodie both met and fell in love with sanguinaccio, a truly special Italian pudding. ... Read More

Meeting Jacques Pepin

A culinary student meets legend Jacques Pepin in the kitchen. ... Read More

Sophomoritis: The New Pandemic at Johnson and Wales

... Read More

Expecting the unexpected

... Read More

My Culinary Adventures in Napa

Join one resident chef as he travels from Milwaukee to the heart of California wine country. ... Read More

Everything Old Is New Again

Ever wonder what to do with fruit that is past its prime, but not totally dead? ... Read More

Russian Rillettes

Mess up as an "avid home cook" and it's a "failed experiment." Botch a recipe as a certified cook, and people seem genuinely disappointed. Thus I was nervous when it was my job to provide a dish that ... Read More

Got a Beef with Vegetarianism?

I thought I'd share one of my favorite meaty (vegetarian) recipes. It looks like meat, it tastes like meat, it's really one of the most delicious things you will put into your mouth this month. ... Read More

Good Chef, Bad Chef

A French Culinary Institute student shares his thoughts on "good chef, bad chef." ... Read More

Baking and Pastry I, by the skin of my teeth

...I was so excited and happy that I failed to realize this class will be taking place during 100 degree Florida weather with 100% humidity. Nice. ... Read More