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The Dish: Culinary Students Tell All

Just Grin and Cake It

Not everyone you meet will be your best friend, let alone work well with you. Sometimes you just need to learn to grin and bare it. ... Read More

Finals, pie and possibly no summer session

Both of my finals were/are today - Food and Beverage Management, which I took this morning and aced; and Food Safety tonight, which I'm most nervous about passing. I didn't study much this weekend...b ... Read More

Myth Busters

Forget everything you've been taught about cooking with olive oil because some of it just isn't true. ... Read More

Pressure Cooking

Culinary school changes how one student approaches cooking for himself and others. ... Read More

Taste Test: Fertilized vs. Unfertilized Eggs

You might be surprised to learn the result of this egg taste-test between fertilized and unfertilized organic eggs. ... Read More

Sugar Art

There is no lack of creativity in a Baking and Pastry lab at Johnson and Wales, expecially when it is time to make a sugar showpiece. ... Read More

So You Want to Go to Culinary School...Twitter Chat Recap

We were very lucky to have @FCIstudent and @SweetKell two culinary student chefs from our student chef blog, "<a href="http://www.chef2chef.net/culinary-student-blo ... Read More

A $5,000 Apple Pie

When is an apple pie worth $5,000? When you win the Crisco National Pie Championship. ... Read More

And the semester is ovah!

Tonight marked the last date of my prerequisite classes - Food and Bev. Management, and Food Safety and Sanitation. I'm officially through the first semester. ... Read More

Using Olive Your Imagination

Sometimes the most fun in cooking comes from discovering new ways of using familiar ingredients. ... Read More


With only five baumkuchen machines in the entire United States, making this popular European cake isn't on the curriculum of many culinary arts schools--unless you attend Johnson and Wales University. ... Read More

Tweet and Eat

This culinary student says her choice to go to Johnson and Wales culinary institutes is one of the best decisions she ever made. ... Read More


A spring cocktail with okra? Meet the Smokratini. ... Read More

On the Spot

A snapshot into one culinary student's experience in creating his first dish at the French Culinary Institute's restaurant, L'Ecole. ... Read More

Got My Cooking Mojo Working

Even professional chefs need to recharge their cooking mojo. What's one source of inspiration? Cooking shows. ... Read More