The Dish: Culinary Students Tell All

Cooking at L'Ecole

When it comes to the kitchen, being a team player matters. But's not always easy, as one student finds out. ... Read More

New York's No. 1 Sandwich?

The Vietnamese banh mi is taking New York City by storm. If you haven't eaten one before, you're missing out. ... Read More

Nuts! Food Safety, Twitter and More

The Food Safety Modernization Act (H.R. 875) introduced last week and all the salmonella scares fuel the newest Chef2Chef Twitter topic: food safety. ... Read More

Nose No-No's

What does smoking beef and curing pork smell like? A combination of bologna and formaldehyde--also know as the hallways of a culinary school. ... Read More

Just Don't Feel Too Much

Long days in the culinary classroom make the last 30 days of a student chef's program difficult. ... Read More

Dietary Restrictions: Turning Lemons into Lemonade

A restrictive diet is not a reason not to cook! This all-natural, sugar-free lemonade is a refreshing treat for anyone on a candida-free, low-carb, or diabetic diet. ... Read More

The French Connection

Chinese chicken stock, Chilean sea bass, and pork-ginger dumplings are part of a special project in level five--the second to last level in the French Culinary Institute's program. ... Read More

Seder or Easter Dishes in C-School?

... Read More

New Old Bay

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Cheap Eats

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Antique Chocolate Molds

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Ski Days, Colorado Pizza, and a Cold Beer

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FCI Brunch

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School or Work During Hard Times?

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Getting "L'Ecole'd"

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