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The Dish: Culinary Students Tell All

Baking During The Holidays

Sometimes turning to the blogosphere is the best way to find useful and original recipes. ... Read More

A year of unemployment

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Oh Bring Me Some Figgy Something

Christmas just isn't Christmas without the chewy sweetness of dried figs. ... Read More

Last semester

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Taking my food writing lumps

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1300 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Now you can find the exact recipe for your favorite type of cookie in one simple iPad app. ... Read More

Back to My Roots

Cooking for my friend's 40th disco bash was a walk down memory lane, and a reminder that a chef must never turn her back on the food! ... Read More

Wrapping It Up

Here are some ideas for making your homemade goodies look as good as they taste. ... Read More

a.k.a. Pot Roast

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My Worst Nightmare

Okay, so I use a lot of garlic. Which means when my personal chef client asks me not to use it anymore, I've got to possy up and find the flavor elsewhere. ... Read More

Super Fresh

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An emotional last day of culinary school {for the semester}

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Ethics got in the way today

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What {almost} every culinary students longs to hear

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A Modern Twist On A Jewish Classic

This new version of classic kugel is not to be missed. ... Read More