You Can Make It Better

Its a safe bet to say that most people that have cooked or baked have used some sort of extract, flavored oil, or flavoring.You can go to gourmet stores and buy expensive bottles of extracts made over-seas, or you can just buy the cheapest thing at your grocery store.But, if you would like an amazing tasting infusion that is very cheap, than make your own!It is so easy to do and the homemade extracts and oils taste far better than anything you can buy in the store.

Extracts and Flavorings
You can experiment and make pretty much any type of extract with just a simple bottle of vodka or white rum.For your very own vanilla extract, add a quarter of a fresh vanilla bean to one cup of vodka.I recommend splitting the bean before adding it to your choice of liquid.Let your extract sit in a cold dark area for about 2 weeks minimum, for best results wait at least 2 months.For the freshest tasting mint extract use fresh spearmint leaves that you have cleaned, crunch up the leaves in your hand and put into white rum.

Making a flavored oil is a longer process and can take a little more effort.Some flavored oils required to be boiled to bring out the flavors and some just require a long period of time before the taste will develop.For a great roasted garlic oil, take extra virgin olive oil peeled garlic cloves and bring to a boil.Cover and let simmer until the cloves begin to slightly brown.Either strain the cloves or leave them in the oil to continue to flavor your new delicious olive oil.

Great Gifts
A really unique and cheap gift idea is to make your own extracts for your friends.Buy travel size versions of vodka and white rum.Make your extract to your liking and leave the ingredient in the bottle, tie a ribbon around it, and give to your loved one.You could even forego the waiting period and instruct the receiver of your gift to wait the allotted period before using it.It will make it a gift that will be an exciting wait for whomever you give it to!

Believe me, once you begin making your own extracts and oils, you wont ever want to buy then from the store again.Don’t just take my word for it, try it!