Young dog, new trick and Internships

Chef put us back into our old groups this week, so I was paired up again with R., K., and the other kid, whose nondescript name escapes me every week. I psyched myself up for what could have been a rough night. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to discover K needed my help.

K had never made Caesar dressing before — at least, not the classic way. The poor dear was trying to mix anchovy fillets with crushed garlic and lemon juice in a bowl with a teaspoon instead of mashing the garlic and anchovy on the cutting board with her knife, with salt acting as the abrasive to make a paste.

I admit, there was a small part of me that wanted to point fingers and chant schoolyard mockeries at her. But I was far more excited to actually be able to teach her a new skill without getting teenager talk-back. It was a nice change indeed, and I think we had a breakthrough in our relationship that night.

I only have four more classes before graduating. And in order to graduate, we’re required to participate in an intership, working in a kitchen and applying what we’ve learned. I asked Chef if I could intern as a food writer, since this is my chosen path. Sadly, the answer was “no.” But, he did say yes to an intership at a test kitchen. And, one of the best in Boston is considering me as we speak. I also applied for a culinary sous chef internship with Disney. Hopefully I’ll be selected for one of those. I’m more qualified for the test kitchen position, but my figers are crossed for either.

Where have you done your internship, and how was your experience? Did it open doors for you? Post below and let us know.