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Learning to cook takes a lot of practice and a little know-how, and we have all the basics to get you started. Check out our roundup of cooking tips, suggestions, recipes and instructional guides, with everything from using cooking tools to doing wine pairings, meat preparation to desserts. These comprehensive resources are written by professional chefs and feature all the basic kitchen practices that can help beginners succeed in the kitchen.

Whether you love to cook for fun, for your family, or for a restaurant, these helpful guides will make a great introduction to the culinary arts. Click below to find out more.

Culinary Career Outlook

The culinary arts industry is as big as it is diverse, presenting culinary arts school graduates with the opportunity to pursue careers in a variety of locations and work environments. Common culinary establishments include restaurants, hotels, wineries, bakeries, schools, private households, spas and more.

Nationally, the job outlook for culinary professions is muted, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting single digit employment growth between 2012 and 2022 for several occupations, including chefs (5%), food service managers (2%), pastry chefs (2%), and hotel managers (1%). However, these nationwide statistics are misleading. Although the overall demand appears to be tempered, culinary arts professions remain in demand in numerous states throughout the country, especially in Idaho, Texas, Arizona and Colorado.

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