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Baptism by fire is a concept that many of us–both in and out of the kitchen–have experienced personally. The professional chefs who write these articles love the challenges and thrill of learning, creating, teaching, and sharing practically everything culinary. They're not throwing sparks; they are standing in the fire--and loving it. Whether you are a professional chef or would like to become a chef or just enjoy the art of food and cooking, we hope that In the Fire will inspire you.

How to Turn Your Favorite Foods Vegetarian

Check out these creative and tasty ways to staunch your meat cravings and get the protein your body needs without actually eating meat.

5 Sweet Candy/Cookie Combinations

Combine your love of candy and cookies with these five delicious mash-up recipes, featuring a few of our favorite sweets matched with traditional cookie recipes. 

8 Brain Foods for a Healthy Mind

Did you know certain foods are good for your brain? Check out our list of "brain foods" that have been proven to help with focus, memory and more.

10 Cocktails You Should Know How to Make

Explore your inner bartender with these 10 classy cocktail recipes that every chef or restaurateur should know how to make. You'll also get tips about which glasses and garnishes to use.

Holiday Bites: 5 Easy Recipes for Entertaining

The holidays are supposed to be frantic, right? Well, with the right recipes and a little kitchen confidence, they certainly don't have to be. These holiday appetizers are healthy, easy to make, and sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

6 Hot Cooking Trends and How to Do It Yourself

Stay up to date on the latest food trends and cooking trends, and find out how to do them at home. A bonus recipe is included at the end of the article.

A Day in the Life of a Food Stylist

Learn about food styling, check out the top food styling pros in the industry, and learn how a culinary education can give you the tools you need to work as a food stylist.

3 Healthy Smoothies Perfect for the Holidays

It's time to get out the blender and put it to work with these healthy smoothie recipes, perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. With super healthy foods like mango, spinach and pumpkin, these smoothies are sure to boost your daily routine.

What You Need to Know About Kombucha

Discover what kombucha is, and why it's the beverage of choice for natural foods zealots, chefs into creative cooking, and regular folks looking for new and exciting drink options.

Is Agave Nectar Really Better Than Sugar?

Chefs, bakers, and bartenders love agave nectar for its versatile flavor and exotic appeal, but some doubt the health claims made by many of its manufacturers. Read more about this brewing debate.