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Chef jobs will never be the same after Ferran Adria

After 26 years of continually creating new ways to astound and delight those patrons lucky enough to get a seat at his restaurant, El Bulli, in Roses, Spain, Ferran Adria is ready to do something new. As if his hazelnut "caviar," artichoke flavored steamed rose petals, and hare liver-filled chocolate ravioli aren't cutting enough edges, Adria will stop serving his 30 or 40 course multicultural meals in July 2104 to open the El Bulli Foundation in the same location.

Famous for bringing molecular gastronomy to a whole new level, Adria didn't learn his radical techniques in a culinary degree program. Instead this Catalonian-born chef learned his trade through chef jobs in French kitchens and quickly worked his way to head chef (by age 24) and then eventual owner of El Bulli.

Not your usual culinary school

The mission behind the private and non-profit El Bulli Foundation is summed up by a quote from the foundation's press release as "constant evolution and permanent commitment to creativity … for all avant-garde gastronomy lovers." A think tank rather than a culinary school, the foundation plans to grant 20 to 25 year-long scholarships annually to chefs and front-of-the-house professionals who will work with the foundation's creative team.

The foundation plans to release the culinary teams' progress made each year through various forms of media as well as traditional and online culinary degree programs. Samples of the creations made by the culinary teams will be available for tasting but details of how this will occur have not yet been made available.

Learn molecular gastronomy at traditional and online culinary school

If the blend of cuisine, science and art known as molecular gastronomy inspires you, you can learn more through campus-based and online culinary classes and videos where chefs and culinary instructors work with shape, color and texture to re-invent familiar foods and flavors. Curriculum may also include sous-vide cooking, culinary thickeners, jelling agents and foams.

Experience all your potential as a chef by enrolling in a culinary degree program with molecular gastronomy courses.