Chef Job Description: Get the 411 on A Wide Variety of Chef Jobs |

Chef Jobs: Get the 411 on Your Chef Career Options

Acknowledging your passion for cooking--and getting the culinary education you need--is the first step. So, what's next?  Deciding which type of chef you would like to be!  With so many options, Chef2Chef thought it would be helpful to dive deeply into the various types of chef jobs available to you.  Below, get the information you need about each type of chef--from "a day in the life", to training requirements, to salary information--all in one place.

How to Become a Fine Dining Chef

Fine dining chefs are the artists behind some of the most delectable dishes you've ever tasted. In addition to developing innovative recipes, refining flavor profiles, and creating beautiful plates of food, fine dining chefs also handle many of the day-to-day responsibilities of running a gourmet kitchen.

How to Become a Food Services Manager

Though chefs sometimes get all the glory, any one who has watched Kitchen Nightmares knows that a restaurant cannot run without good management.

How to Become a Pastry Chef

Unlike traditional chefs who often are given open-ended responsibility over everything that goes on in a restaurant's kitchen, pastry chefs specialize in a narrow niche area of the field, albeit one that can be surprisingly complex and demanding.

How to Become an Executive Chef

An executive chef, also known as chef de cuisine or head chef, is the top supervisor in a private or corporate food environment, overseeing all kitchen operations, including personnel, food production, and budgeting.

Proper Pairing: You as a Sommelier?

When people think of sommeliers, they tend to imagine a well-dressed server pouring out a small amount of wine for a guest to sniff and try.

How to Become a Private Chef

Personal chefs and private chefs cook in the homes of individuals or families rather than at restaurants.

Caterer Job Profile: Careers on the Move

Caterers prepare, transport, and serve elegant culinary creations at events not held in a restaurant or prepared by a hotel's banquet staff.

Line Cook Job Profile: Become a Culinary Specialist

Line cooks are critical to a restaurant's success as they concentrate on culinary components such as grilling, preparing vegetables, or creating sauces.