How to Become a Wedding Caterer

How to Become a Wedding Caterer

Wedding caterers make incredible food and get to serve it to happy guests on such joyful occasions. But it is a demanding job. Wedding caterers work very hard off and on-site. They are under tremendous pressure to get everything perfect: food that is beautifully served at the right temperature and on time. But the joy of being part of someone's special day makes these chef jobs worth it.

Not only can you choose to specialize in weddings, you can also select the kind of weddings you cater. Whether black tie plated affairs with white linen and crystal, family-style barbecues or all organic and locally-sourced buffets, you can offer your own style with the menus you want at the prices you deserve.

Wedding caterer education requirements

You can find traditional and online culinary arts degree programs or hospitality management programs that offer the training you'll need to become a successful wedding caterer. If you're a professional chef who'd like to learn the finer points of running a food service business, an accelerated program or online culinary classes could be enough. Some of the skills you can acquire include:

  1. Buffet management
  2. Event planning
  3. Finances
  4. Human resources
  5. Marketing
  6. Pricing

If, on the other hand, you're an avid home cook with professional goals, look for two or four-year programs. You want to look for classes that will provide a solid foundation in cooking and baking skills and include the rudiments of menu planning and preparing large quantities of food. Classes that are steeped in the business end of things are also beneficial. You should be learning from trusted culinary instructors with plenty of experience in the food industry.

If you're a cook who's dreaming of a professional culinary career, consider a culinary school education to find work to fall in love with.