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Culinary Schools in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is all about the hospitality industry. With over 130 hotels and resorts, hundreds of restaurants, and bed and breakfasts around every turn, Palm Springs is a resort town through and through. This is not a new phenomenon. Since the early twentieth century, Palm Springs has served as a destination spot for generations of tourists looking to take in the area's perennially dry, sunny weather, and relax in the relative seclusion offered by the neighboring San Jacinto Mountains.

The vacation culture creates an interesting environment for Palm Springs chefs because the out-of-towners tend to dictate menu trends more than locals, which means that themes of comfort and decadence tend to reign supreme. The foodie generation adds yet another wrinkle to the unique Palm Springs dining scene. Although some restaurants are still succeeding with French and American classics, others have been inspired to update their offerings with dishes that showcase creativity and individualism. Students who attend Palm Springs culinary schools have the opportunity to masters both schools of thought, all while learning from some of the best chefs in the business.

Famous Palm Springs restaurants

Chefs in Palm Springs typically have the pleasure of serving people who are relaxed and happy. Popular dishes here revolve around the idea that food should be vacation on a plate. The following selection of top-rated dining experiences showcases the diversity of California's bounty and cultural makeup, never forgetting that comfort and pleasure are the highest aims in this famous resort town.

  • Miro's Restaurant: This is a happy example of a place that balances its owner's personality with vacationers' cravings. Owners Miro and Mirela Terzic anchor their menu in Eastern European classics like beef stroganoff, goulash and stuffed cabbage rolls that echo the familiarity of the former Yugoslavia. Filet mignon and rack of lamb round out the menu with flavors more recognizable to American palates without breaking the thread of comfort that runs throughout the Terzic Family menu.
  • FARM: Brunch spots are a staple among the vacation set, and for good reason. While we'd all like to make breakfast a daily priority, busy schedules often see us downing coffee and donuts mid-commute, or reaching for a banana because anything more time-consuming is just not realistic. Brunch has therefore become the lavish breakfast we treat ourselves to whenever possible, and FARM is quite happy to carry that mantle. Croque Madames, shrimp omelets and banana brioche French toast rule the day, and diners can enjoy them all al fresco in the restaurant's quaint garden and patio area.
  • Cheeky's: Fresh from an August 2015 remodel, Cheeky's is back to remind Palm Springs locals and tourists alike why their food helped put the town's culinary scene on the map. Calling Cheeky's a brunch restaurant is a little like calling your favorite cheeseburger a sandwich; it's technically true but suffers from gross understatement. Cheeky's sets itself apart with ever-changing menu items that always fall just a little left of center, like the crispy pork belly hash, a tamale scramble and, for the bacon-lovers out there, a five-strip flight of bacon with flavor treatments unique to each slice.

Palm Springs culinary career outlook

Graduates of culinary schools in Palm Springs may decide to make a career out of their passion for food, and skilled cooks are usually in demand in resort towns. It's also a great environment for young chefs to start out, thanks to the unique mix of friendly patrons with the all-day hustle of any business located in a vacation spot.

However, cooking for a living is more competitive than ever before. There are a lot more aspiring chefs than there are restaurant openings, so kitchens may be looking for cooks with a solid culinary background. While nothing can compare to real-life experience, Palm Springs culinary schools can afford students the practical and academic know-how they'll need to make their mark.

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Projected Job Growth Nationwide (2012-2022)





Chefs and Head Cooks




Restaurant Cooks





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