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Culinary Schools in Riverside

Named for its location next to the Santa Ana River, Riverside is part of Southern California's Inland Empire -- it's not quite Los Angeles with all its glitz and glamour, but it's close enough that you could commute if you really needed to. Riverside is a pleasant city of just over 300,000 inhabitants. Just like much of California, it owes its existence to the citrus industry, which was largely responsible for the birth of the city in the 1870s.

Although it's not a world-class destination, there are plenty of opportunities for culinary students in Riverside, and plenty to do if you know where to look. For example, the California Museum of Photography is located Riverside, as well as the Parent Washington Navel Orange Tree, which is the last of the two original navel orange trees in the state. The Riverside Airshow is quite an event, attracting more than 70,000 people to its aerial performances. For film lovers, there's the Riverside International Film Festival, held in April, which features more than 100 movies from all over the world. If you are considering attending one of the Riverside cooking schools, please read on for more detailed information about what to expect in Southern California.

Famous Riverside restaurants and festivals

Culinary schools in Riverside will prepare students with cooking fundamentals, but students should also get out and explore what the city has to offer in terms of restaurants and other food venues. Riverside is close enough to the ocean to indulge in super-fresh seafood and sushi, but not close enough to Hollywood and Santa Monica to spend a fortune on dining. Here are three local favorites that you may know if you're a student at a Riverside culinary school:

  • The Mission Inn Restaurant: Located inside the historic Mission Inn, this beautiful restaurant is popular well beyond Riverside. Choose to savor your lunch in the gorgeous courtyard, called the Spanish patio. The Sunday brunch here is legendary and there's a seafood buffet on Fridays.
  • Heroes Restaurant and Brewery: Big portions of great American comfort food and fantastic beer seem to be a great combination -- and a popular one. Located in downtown Riverside, this hip and trendy restaurant offers hand-crafted beers. This casual eatery can get crowded, but it's worth the wait. Friendly service.
  • Café Sevilla: Riverside may be a long way from Spain, but this beautiful restaurant takes you right back to the land of sangría, paella, and tapas. The upstairs outdoor restaurant is perfect for cocktails and drinking, and there's an adjacent nightclub to continue the evening. The restaurant offers La Familia sharing-style menus and vegan and gluten-free options as well. We'll toast to that.

Riverside culinary salary and career information

Aspiring Riverside culinary arts students are passionate about food and cooking, but that doesn't mean they want to do it for free. California is a large state, and those who decide to stay will find many different opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that larger metro areas may have more job openings and higher wages. Here's what to expect in terms of job growth and salaries for culinary jobs in the whole state of California.


Total Employment in California (2014)

Average Salary in California (2014)

% Job Growth Nationwide (2014-2024)





Butchers and Meat Cutters




Chefs and Head Cooks




Food Service Managers




Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014

Riverside might be a big city in its own right, but the BLS has combined it with two other nearby cities for statistical purposes. Let's have a look at that data to give you a better idea of earnings right in your area.



Total Employed (2014)

Average Salary (2014)

Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario




Butchers and Meat Cutters



Food Service Managers



Enjoy the pleasure of attending one of the Riverside culinary schools -- complete with year-round sunshine and access to all things Los Angeles if you so choose. Please browse the list of schools below, and find a culinary institution that's right for you.


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