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Culinary Schools in Grand Junction

The city of Grand Junction, Colorado is a haven for foodies. From the popular Grand Junction Food Tours to the numerous brewing companies to restaurants that take "farm to table" quite seriously, the food in this Colorado city is a huge draw for locals and tourists alike. Food even permeates the work lives of those living here: City Market, a Kroger grocery brand, employs hundreds of residents of Grand Junction, according to the 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the city -- in fact, it's the fifth largest employer in the area.

All of this means great news for graduates of Grand Junction culinary schools. In addition to gaining the skills necessary to work in restaurants and food-related businesses anywhere in the nation, graduates are also well-suited to work right there at home.

Famous restaurants in Grand Junction

Those who are thinking about attending Grand Junction cooking schools are probably already immersed in the local food scene; however, for those who aren't familiar with the great places the area has to offer, this list of excellent dining experiences can create a wish list to keep potential students busy on Saturday nights.

  • 626 on Rood: This hot restaurant is a foodie's dream, offering seasonal delights from local farms, as well as unique dishes, such as Squid Ink Pasta or roasted squash salads. The 2014 Colorado Roots Restaurant Challenge presented 626 on Rood with the third place award for incorporating local products into their everyday menu.
  • Kannah Creek Brewing Company: Expect new beers quite often at this fun restaurant, where brick-oven pizzas and down-home favorites are celebrated. If you're looking for something a bit lighter, head over to "The Edge," the sister restaurant and brewery.
  • Bin 707 Foodbar: Don't let the strange name fool you -- this place is a true foodie experience. From great wine and spirits to carefully crafted meals that are just as beautiful as they are delicious, this restaurant uses local foods whenever possible.

Don't forget the exciting Grand Junction Food Tours, historical walking tours that pair historical tidbits with delicious bites from local restaurants. These fun tours are extremely affordable, which of course means that they are quite popular, so make reservations early!

Graduates of Grand Junction cooking schools might find work in one of these or many other elegant establishments as they hone their skills. Those who want to eventually move into management, marketing and the like can benefit from courses in business, finance, logistics and more, in addition to the fantastic hands-on training they may receive.

Grand Junction culinary salary and career info

The Colorado restaurant business looks quite robust these days; according to the National Restaurant Association, employment growth for Colorado restaurants is expected to be among the highest in the nation at 15.7% between 2015 and 2025. Today, 11% of all Colorado residents are employed in the almost 11,000 restaurants in the state -- the city of Grand Junction is home to over 1,800 of those, and they employ just over 34,000 people. Those who graduate from Grand Junction culinary schools are sure to find a career in one of the many eating and drinking establishments within the city and beyond.

Just as with any profession, some positions are more in-demand than others. Here are the fastest growing culinary positions in Colorado, according to Projections Central:

  • Combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food: 27.5%
  • Restaurant cooks: 26.1%
  • First-line supervisors of food preparation and serving workers: 24.4%
  • Bartenders: 21.4%
  • Food preparation and serving related workers, all other: 20.4%

There is good news for those who are interested in related positions: employment of dietitians and nutritionists will increase by 28.2%, concierges will see an increase of 23.1%, and butchers and meat cutters will enjoy a 22.5% employment boost.

Growing employment is great, but what about the bottom line? The following are the five highest-paying positions in the culinary industry in the greater Grand Junction area in 2014, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Chefs and head cooks: $43,210
  • First-line supervisors of food preparation and serving workers: $32,750
  • Institution and cafeteria cooks: $25,890
  • Bartenders: $24,530
  • Restaurant cooks: $23,010

Students at Grand Junction cooking schools can look forward to a wide variety of jobs. Whether they choose to work in a bakery, run their own catering business, work as servers in the 'front of the house' or become seasoned chefs in the 'back of the house,' these budding professionals can look forward to great job opportunities in Colorado.


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