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Culinary Schools in Kissimmee

Kissimmee, Florida is best known for its sunny days, proximity to Walt Disney World and spring training hosting duties for the Houston Astros, and has only recently turned its attention to serious food. The past few years have brought unprecedented attention to to the Central Florida area. As the awards, nominations and best-of list shout outs begin to pile up, the Orlando/Kissimmee/ culinary scene is now tasked with defining itself. Technically part of the South, the area is culturally distinct and is just as likely to feature as Swedish food truck as it a soul food joint.

Students who attend Kissimmee culinary schools are witnessing The Best of (Food) Times. Come graduation day, they'll find themselves at the vanguard of a food scene that is just beginning to come into its own.

Famous restaurants of Kissimmee

  • Charley's Steak House - Opening a steakhouse is either an act of boldness or laziness. It's not that hard to keep a mediocre establishment afloat, because steak sells itself. But if you want to be known for really excellent steak, in order to distinguish yourself from the glut of options, you basically have to do everything perfectly. Charley's of Kissimmee has taken the latter path. Featuring sustainably-raised meat that's completely free of antibiotics and added hormones, not to mention a carefully selected seafood menu with choices as natural as the tuna seared rare with a peppercorn crust, or as far afield as fried citrus-marinated gator, Charley's succeeds at everything it does and has the awards to prove it.
  • Buchito - Like a lot of noteworthy Kissimmee restaurants, Buchito is a new kid on the block, having opened in mid-2014 with one simple but very challenging ambition: to make the best Cubano around. Florida is full of great Cuban food, from mofongo to rice and beans auténticos to plantains two ways. Most iconic on American soil, however, is the Cubano: a hot pressed sandwich of ham, Swiss cheese, roasted pork, pickles and mustard. That's it: simple but perfect. Buchitos takes their operation a step further with eight additional riffs on the classic, including a vegetarian and pastrami version. Cafe con leche to wash it down is a must.
  • Victoria & Albert's - Rising culinary scene notwithstanding, Kissimmee is seen far less as a food mecca than as a gateway to neighboring Disney World. It is both poetic and shrewd, then, to situate what is arguably Kissimmee's best restaurant in the mega resort complex. Chef de cuisine is Scott Hunnel, eight-time James Beard Award nominee for Best Chef in the South and a true rags-to-riches success (or in this case, dishwasher to chef). Victoria & Albert's offers three fully fledged menus each night: a dining room prix fixe, a curated "chef's table" selection and a vegetarian option. At a place of this caliber it's hard to go wrong, so try anything and everything; then come back and try more.

Kissimmee culinary salary and career information

As Kissimee's food scene continues to become both more expansive and more refined, its demand for new culinary talent will also grow, but with more exacting standards than ever before. Graduates of Kissimmee cooking schools have the training and professional connections to make sure they're the first in line.

Below is a snapshot of Kissimmee's culinary economics, with figures from the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, FL metro area, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

OccupationTotal Employment in Kissimmee (2014)Average Salary (2014)Job Growth Nationwide (2012-2022)
Chefs and Head Cooks890$53,3805%
Restaurant Cooks15,850$24,560


Keep in mind Florida's large tourism economy, and the many different cities near Kissimmee. Students who are considering culinary schools in Kissimmee may also find good job opportunities in the larger metros of Florida. Browse the school listings below to get started.


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