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Culinary Schools in Indianapolis

When people think of Indiana, a few things come to mind: great sports teams, massive conventions, bustling cities, and all that farmland. In fact, Indiana produces 20 percent of the nation's popcorn supply. But the corn mania doesn't stop there -- almost half of all cropland in Indiana is planted in corn each year.

Head into the state capital, and you will find an even more interesting relationship with food. Indianapolis is home to Marsh Supermarkets, a retail food chain with over 90 locations across central Indiana and Ohio. The city is also the headquarters of Steak 'n Shake, the famous restaurant chain founded in 1934. The city is known for its pork tenderloin dishes and numerous craft beer companies -- and that's just the tip of a very tasty iceberg.

Popular restaurants in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is not just home to famous sports teams; some of its restaurants have become famous, too. Graduates from Indianapolis cooking schools flock to places like this in the hopes of making a name for themselves. Here are a few of the places that call for a long, leisurely dinner or a Saturday outing with the family.

  • Scotty's Brewhouse: This place with big portions offers an impressive menu and so many beers it will make your head spin (and that's before you take the first sip!). It's easy to see why this Indiana chain has spread all over the state.
  • St. Elmo Steakhouse: A hallmark of the city since 1902, this fine-dining experience might be one of the most expensive spots in Indianapolis, but it's worth it. Go here to propose, and later, to impress the in-laws. And who knows? You might see someone famous.
  • Subzero Ice Cream: This little ice cream shop does something amazing: freezes your ice cream right in front of you in 15 seconds. Go play with liquid nitrogen and feel like a kid again at this shop that has been serving up the cold stuff since 2005.

Want to taste even more of Indianapolis? "Devour Downtown" allows for eating at famous restaurants for a nice price, while the Taste of Indiana festival brings culinary delights from all across the state to the capital. There is even the massive Indiana State Fair, where food varies from homemade delights to fried everything.

Graduates of Indianapolis culinary schools should enjoy every bite offered up at festivals and restaurants as they hone their own skills in the art of cooking. Though a great culinary artist might reach fame and fortune through their cooking alone, adding a few management and business courses to the mix can help them establish their own restaurants in due time.

Indianapolis culinary salary and job growth

The growth of restaurants in Indiana looks promising, with 9.1% expected growth in employment from 2015 to 2025, according to the National Restaurant Association. Out of the 11,533 restaurant establishments in Indiana in 2015, 1,327 of them were in Indianapolis, and employed about 26,642 people. Those who choose to earn a certificate or diploma from Indianapolis cooking schools may see additional career opportunities in the area, and could advance to management positions in a wide variety of establishments.

Job growth in the Indiana restaurant industry

Some positions in the restaurant industry are more promising than others. The following jobs are the highest growing in the state from 2012 to 2022, according to Projections Central.

  • Food servers (in non-restaurant settings): 15.3%
  • Cafeteria and institution cooks: 13.1%
  • Food preparation and serving related workers (all other): 11.7%
  • Dining room and cafeteria attendants, bartender helpers: 10.8%
  • First line supervisors of food preparation and serving workers: 10.7%

In addition to these fastest-growing jobs in the restaurant industry, there are also many related jobs available, such as:

  • Nutritionist and dietitians: 18%
  • Dietetic technicians: 14.9%
  • Food service managers: 11.7%

Indianapolis culinary salaries

Indiana restaurants are expected to pull in $9.8 billion in sales in 2015. How much of that goes to the workers? The following numbers are the median annual wages reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2014 in the Indianapolis area:

  • Food servers (in non-restaurant settings): $19,840
  • Cafeteria and institution cooks: $21,750
  • Food preparation and serving related workers (all other): $25,280
  • Dining room and cafeteria attendants, bartender helpers: $20,900
  • First line supervisors of food preparation and serving workers: $31,920

Keep in mind that these numbers reflect the income expected from the fastest-growing professions, but there are other jobs in the restaurant industry that might pay more. For example, chefs and head cooks made $36,860, while bartenders made $24,830. Those with more experience and education under their belt might make more than the median wage for their profession.


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