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Culinary Schools in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is the second largest city in Louisiana, home to LSU and its sports scene, cultural diversity and an extensive arts and theater scene. And while it lives in the shadow of neighboring cultural hub New Orleans, the city has a lot to offer students, especially those who are interested in the culinary industry.

In recent years Baton Rouge's culinary scene has begun to awake from a deep slumber. The hurricane brought talented but displaced New Orleans refugees, and the foodie interests of a generation brought more adventurous, curious and sophisticated tastes to the residents of B.R. These days, Louisiana's capital city is home to many passionate chefs and farmers, and the restaurant industry is expanding rapidly. As far as food goes, the city has never had it better, and students who attend culinary schools in Baton Rouge have the distinctly honorable opportunity of joining a small but mighty food revolution.

Noteworthy restaurants in Baton Rouge

  • Tony's Seafood: Well known for its live catfish for purchase, Tony's Seafood has been a Baton Rouge institution for decades. Since the late '50s, Tony Pizzolato's business model has centered only on providing best-quality seafood, even if it means having to close early when the good stuff sells out. The boudin balls might be our top recommendation, but hungrier diners should also try the fried catfish with greens, cornbread and dirty rice.
  • Red Stick Farmer's Market: Baton Rouge's Red Stick Farmer's Market has a lot going for it, like a healthy eating social media campaign, and the fact that every single thing you see was grown or produced by and on the property of the person selling it to you. That's all great stuff. But the real draw of Red Stick is Frances Chauvin, octogenarian baker, entrepreneur and owner of The Pie Lady, a Saturday farmer's market mainstay. Customers don't just like her pies; they dazedly avow that they're the best they've ever tried. For a true taste of the region, order the cushaw pie, which has a texture and taste similar to pumpkin.
  • OMI Restaurant: With just two years' experience under their belt, OMI restaurant is still very new to Baton Rouge, but has been around long enough to prove they're not a flash in the pan. They deserve special applause for catering to the American palate without compromising their ideals. Every meal begins with the wonderfully balanced and nuanced egg drop soup; from there, the move is Chong Quing chicken, bits of fried chicken tossed in a white-hot peppercorn oil.

Culinary career outlook for Baton Rouge

Students who attend Baton Rouge culinary schools may want to stay in the area, and can expect decent job growth and average salaries for jobs in the restaurant industry. Here's the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the Baton Rouge metro:

OccupationTotal Employment in Baton Rouge (2014)Average Salary in Baton Rouge (2014)Job Growth Nationwide (2012-2022)
Chefs and Head Cooks260$32,9905%
Restaurant Cooks2,570$23,19010%

Most culinary professionals in Louisiana may tend to gravitate toward New Orleans, which has a bigger tourism industry and more world-famous culinary scene in general than Baton Rouge. The job opportunities there may be more exciting and plentiful, but the competition there may be stiffer as well. The BLS suggests that most chefs and restaurateurs hold a culinary degree. Learn how to get started by browsing the school below.


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