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Culinary Schools in Albuquerque

If there's anything foodies love more than good food and drink, then it must certainly be the act of discovering said edibles. Albuquerque, New Mexico is one such hidden treasure. Perhaps better known for Breaking Bad than breaking bread, Albuquerque is the great food city that no one seems to be talking about. While New Mexican cooking, led by the area's famous red and green chiles, has a long history and still-vibrant presence in Albuquerque, the past ten years have brought exciting culinary diversification.

Today, Albuquerque's iconic chile is joined by craft breweries, art bars and some of the best coffee in the country to form a modern-yet-original food town rooted in local flavors and a deep sense of community. Students who attend Albuquerque cooking schools will find themselves in the thick of a food revolution that already has a strong identity; the perfect place to learn, network and perhaps even put down roots.

Famous restaurants in Albuquerque

  • Piñon Coffe House: This local roastery is now in its third decade of serving early-bird Albuquerqueans. Their product is simple but nuanced: piñon nuts and coffee beans roasted together and then brewed, to make a sweetly spiced cup. Pair an iced coffee with a green chile breakfast burrito (also on the menu) and the day is underway in true Albuquerque fashion.
  • Guava Tree Cafe: The unfortunate truth about most cafe food is that it barely qualifies as such. Muffins are croissants are great, sure, but it's a stretch to call them real sustenance. Fortunately for lunch-goers in ABQ, the Guava Tree Cafe serves up real, filling South American and Caribbean fare all afternoon long. Menu pillars include pressed sandwiches (aka Cubanos), stuffed Arepas, and sweet things, like the coconut flan and tres leches cake. There's something for everyone but for my money the La del Gato arepa cannot be beat: avocado, sweet plantains, sweet peppers and salty cheese stuffed inside a homemade, hot-off-the-griddle cornmeal patty.
  • Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm: While New Mexico may never call to mind rose-colored images of verdant farm country, Albuquerque's North Valley is home to a surprisingly passionate farming community. Los Poblanos is one of the area's oldest bastions of local agriculture and luck for us all the whole operation is open to the public. Visitors can tailor the experience to their budget, time frame and culinary interests and may choose to partake in a cooking or gardening class, or even spend a night in one of the Los Poblanos Farm Suites. Each and every stopover, however, should include a dinner at the farm's organic restaurant, where mains like house-made, chile-spiked sausage pair with the farm's fresh vegetable bounty.

Albuquerque culinary salary and career info

With the new popularity of cooking competition shows, celebrity chefs and a nationwide movement of food obsession, culinary careers are showing steady growth in the coming years. However, like any artistic craft, it takes a lot of hard work and patience to rise to the top. Those who are serious about a culinary career should consider attending culinary school, suggests the BLS. Not only does a degree give you skills and credibility, it's also a great chance to network.

Albuquerque culinary schools can give aspiring bakers, chefs and restaurant cooks a leg up on the competition by providing expert instruction and mentorship in an increasingly food-centric environment. For a look at the current data on Albuquerque food workers, check out the table below, and happy cooking.

OccupationTotal Employment in AlbuquerqueAverage Salary in AlbuquerqueProjected Job Growth Nationwide (2012-2022)
Chefs and Head Cooks160$39,7405%
Restaurant Cooks2,890$21,93010%

Aspiring chefs can begin their culinary journey by browsing the schools listed below. Be sure your school is accredited and has a location in your area.


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