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Culinary Schools in the Bronx

New York City is one of the most iconic places in the world -- even those who have never visited probably have some idea of what it is like. Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and maybe even the hip parts of Brooklyn all evoke high-resolution impressions in our minds. By comparison, the Bronx is much lesser known, but has one of the most eclectic food scenes in the city.

Although the Bronx has a reputation for being a dangerous place, it's experienced a tremendous revitalization over the past few decades, all the while maintaining its vibrant character of cultural influences. By extension, these qualities also make the forgotten borough a food lover's paradise. With almost twice as much land area as neighboring Manhattan, the Bronx is home to dozens of ethnic enclaves, the diverse culinary traditions of which constitute a world tour of flavors without ever leaving New York. Students attending culinary schools in the Bronx hone their craft in an area saturated with inspiration, from modern Italian trattorias to Puerto Rican mainstays that have been around for generations.

Famous restaurants in the Bronx

With so much delicious ethic food available, the challenge isn't in finding a restaurant but rather deciding between an almost unending list of good options. Below is a hand-picked world tour of culinary delights, all available in the Bronx.

  • Feeding Tree: Steps away from Yankee Stadium but about as far removed from hot dogs and peanuts as one can get, Feeding Tree is arguably the Bronx's most beloved Jamaican restaurant. Like most great Bronx eateries, Feeding Tree prioritizes substance over style, and the food is legendary -- jerk chicken and oxtail with a mac and cheese or, if you're really hungry, the curry goat with rice, cabbage, greens and cornbread.
  • Liebman's Kosher Delicatessen: Down in the Spyyten Duyvil neighborhood, just north of Manhattan, Liebman's Deli serves up classic Eastern European Jewish fare. When Liebman's first opened in 1953 it was one of a hundred Jewish delis in the area; the fact that it's the last one standing is a testament to its excellence. All the favorites are here, from pastrami and corned beef piled high on fresh-baked rye, to lox and cream cheese bagels and potato knishes.
  • Neerob: Time and increasing globalization have done much to familiarize American palates with once-exotic cuisines like Indian food, but its culinary cousin Bangladeshi remains largely foreign to even the most adventurous eaters. Enter Neerob, East Bronx's preeminent Bangladeshi restaurant and home of the freshest biryani in town. Biryani is a mixed-rice dish with Indian spices, meat and/or vegetables and seemingly endless variations. Here at Neerob it's the favorite of many diners, although the chili chicken and shrimp in coconut sauce always give it a run for its money.
  • Trattoria Zero Otto Nove: With so many traditionally underrepresented cuisines present in Bronx's food scene, it's easy to forget how prevalent, popular and well-executed Italian food is here. In fact, Italian restaurants account for a majority of Yelp's top-rated Bronx restaurants, and at the top of that list is Trattoria Zero Otto Nove. Trattoria 089 is located on Arthur Ave, the Bronx's answer to Manhattan's Little Italy, and serves simple yet refined Italian classics like hand-made pasta al forno, osso buco with risotto and an outstanding selection of wood-fired pizzas.
  • Cuchifritos : This is the kind of place where you can get late-night eats any time of day. From decadent chicharrones and empanadas to whole roasted chickens with rice, the menu items at Cuchifritos have a remarkable way of inducing instant gratification in all who consume them.

Culinary career outlook in the Bronx

Food is a trendy obsession of the current generation, and chefs are making up a whole new genre of rock star. Whatever the underlying cause, food is big, and those who want to make their mark in the industry have their work cut out for them. For those who dream of opening that bakery or spearheading the next culinary trend, attending one of the excellent culinary schools the Bronx is a great way to get a foot in the door while acquiring a solid education. Listed below are figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that spotlight a few of the most common food-related occupations, along with their career outlook in the New York-White Plains-Wayne, NY-NJ Area.


Total Employment (2014)

Average Salary (2014)

Projected Job Growth Nationwide (2012-2022)





Chefs and Head Cooks




Restaurant Cooks





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