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There are few places in the country that are as exciting on the culinary level as Brooklyn, New York. There's always something new happening in Brooklyn, and it feels a bit like America's test kitchen. Students at Brooklyn cooking schools may feel like they're in foodie heaven -- it's all hip, fusion, artisan, farm-to-table, and very, very tasty here.

Brooklyn is a large and very diverse borough, with a population over 2.5 million. The food scene is probably at its hippest in beautiful Williamsburg. The area has come a long way from its industrial roots, and immigrants have shaped this enclave, just across the river from Manhattan, into a culinary wonderland where cuisines converge. There are many foodie corners to explore in Brooklyn, such as Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Heights or Fort Greene. From coffee roasters in Red Hook to specialty cheese shops in Carroll Gardens, this borough makes us drool a little.

Famous Brooklyn restaurants

Food is serious business here, and in Brooklyn one can find any culinary treasure, no matter how obscure. Coffee is an obsession here, and no place takes its craft more seriously than Gorilla Coffee in Park Place -- think roaster in the back and espresso machine using beans from Brazil. When it comes to adult beverages, small-batch breweries reign supreme in Brooklyn. Sixpoint Brewery in Red Hook is just one of them, and it has made hundreds of different beers since 2004, including seasonal varieties such as the so-called Jammer, which is both salty and sour.

In terms of typical Brooklyn food, it might be hard to choose, but the borough has a reputation for having some of the best Russian food outside the homeland, specifically in Brighton Beach, better known as "Little Odessa." Tatiana Restaurant, located right on the boardwalk, is a fancy culinary must-eat, but be prepared to consume caviar and huge quantities of meat. And let's not forget about the Jewish neighborhoods and the delis that come with them. New York-style cheesecake was allegedly made famous by Junior's on Flatbush Avenue, and it's as good now as it was in 1950. Vegetarians don't flock to Peter Luger Steak House, but everyone else does, as this eatery's steak is an institution in itself.

We don't even know where to start in terms of top-notch restaurants in Brooklyn, but here are a few just to give you a taste.

  • La Superior: This no-frill Mexican eatery takes street food to a new level -- to Williamsburg hipster level, to be precise. Try the cochinita pibil (a Caribbean specialty: pork slow-cooked in banana leaves) and the sopa tarasca, a filling black bean soup that comes from the highlands of the state of Michoacan.
  • Lucali: Some say that this small eatery serves the very best pizza in America, so it's worth the wait. And you will wait for these superb thin-crust pizzas: the line starts before the restaurant opens. It's BYOB and has a friendly open kitchen. Pizza toppings vary best on what's fresh and available.
  • Vinegar Hill House: This small restaurant looks like a farmhouse inside, and aptly enough, it serves elevated and unique farm food. Tucked away on a cobblestone street in Vinegar Hill, it offers comfortable outdoor seating and a popular brunch menu (think eggs Benedict, sourdough strawberry pancakes and cheddar grits).

Brooklyn culinary career outlook

Surely all these delectable facts about food have made future students at Brooklyn culinary schools want to pack their bags and head to New York right away, but let's talk money first. We have listed some earnings data for professions that oftentimes require a culinary arts degree below.

OccupationTotal Employment in New York (2014)Average Salary in New York (2014)% Job Growth in New York (2012-2022)
Chefs and Head Cooks1,830$48,7008.2%
Food Service Managers11,140$50,4307.8%
Butchers and meat cutters6,080$37,7307.5%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not compile data specifically for Brooklyn, but does list earnings information for the larger New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island area:

OccupationTotal Employed (2014)Average Salary (2014)
Chefs and Head Cooks10,590$54,660
Food Service Managers7,050$74,950
Butchers and meat cutters6,260$39,760

Enjoy the culinary journey and be sure to let us know if you happen to create the next big thing in the Brooklyn dining scene. We've compiled a handy list below that should help potential students at any of the Brooklyn culinary schools decide which school is best for them.


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