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Culinary Schools in Greensboro

Charlotte doesn't have a monopoly on great restaurants in North Carolina. Greensboro also has a celebrated food scene, from traditional southern foods to some of the state's most renowned burgers. Whether you're looking for a deep-fried turkey, a potbelly sandwich or even a vegetarian salad, you have excellent options throughout the city of Greensboro.

Before becoming a chef or cook, and taking advantage of one of the many Greensboro culinary schools, it's best to become familiar with the city's food offerings. Here's what the city has to offer and where the culinary scene in Greensboro may be headed in the coming years.

Famous restaurants in Greensboro

There's food from all over the world in Greensboro. Mexican, pho, Italian, southern: Name it and it's probably available in the city. The list of the best restaurants in Greensboro, put together by the popular website TripAdvisor, includes many restaurants with hundreds of user reviews and perfect or near-perfect scores. The city takes food seriously.

Here are just four of the many raved-about restaurants in Greensboro:

  • Hops Burger Bar: Ranked the best burger bar in America by TripAdvisor in 2015, Hops Burger is renowned for thick, juicy burgers that are packed with unique ingredients like spicy chili sauce or grilled pineapple. The popular food joint is gearing up to open a second location in the area, and in the beginning stages of expanding beyond Greensboro.
  • Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen: Open since 1989, Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen has 271 "excellent" ratings by users on TripAdvisor, one of the top rankings in the city. Whether it's the cheesy-bacon cheese bread, seared proc medallions or a roasted beet salad, you can't go wrong at this renowned southern food joint.
  • Green Valley Grill: Rated in the 10 best restaurants in Greensboro by USA Today, Green Valley Grill is known for its gourmet entrees, desserts and wines. This renowned joint dubs itself "informally elegant fine dining," serving everything from duck to lasagna.
  • 1618 Seafood Grill: An award-winning seafood place ranked in the top 10 restaurants in Greensboro by Yelp, 1618 Seafood Grill sure knows how to satisfy its customers. From ahi tuna to wasabi mashed potatoes, an array of excellent food options are available. Carefully-selected wines from across the world also sets this seafood restaurant apart from the competition.

These are just a few of the many excellent restaurants in the Greensboro area. A simple Google search or a quick browse through Yelp or TripAdvisor demonstrates the wide array of highly ranked restaurants this city offers. It truly is a foodie town, great for foodies, cooking students and chefs alike.

Greensboro culinary salary and career info

Before entering the culinary field in Greensboro, studying at one of the many Greensboro cooking schools may be necessary. There are many areas of study within these programs to choose from, including but not limited to:

To get an idea of the employment and salary situation of culinary careers in Greensboro, here's a table of information grabbed from Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):

OccupationTotal employment in Greensboro (May 2014)Mean hourly wage (May 2014)Annual mean wage (May 2014)
Cooks, Institution and Cafeteria610


Chefs and Head Cooks190


Cooks, Restaraunts2,810



The culinary field in North Carolina, in general, is projected to grow employment-wise between 2012 and 2022, according to Projections Central. Here are some growth projection statistics in North Carolina for culinary professionals:


Base employment in Greensboro

Projected employment from 2012-2022

% change in jobs from 2012-2022

Cooks, Institution and Cafeteria8,280


Chefs and Head Cooks2,800


Cooks, Restaurants29,900



So whether you stay in Greensboro or head somewhere else in the state after earning an education from a Greensboro cooking school, you're in a good place for cooks. But if you do stay in Greensboro, there are many great restaurants to work at and a high employment of various kinds of chefs in the city.


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