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Culinary Schools in Tulsa

When 17th-century author Richard Franck penned the phrase, "Necessity is the mother of all invention," he probably wasn't thinking about his next meal. Yet the proverb is a great way to describe culinary history around the world. The cuisine you find in any given region is ultimately owed to the men and women who first settled there and had to do the best they could with limited ingredients and resources. And Tulsa, Oklahoma is no exception.

Tulsa borrows influences from the nearby Southwest, Midwest and Southern regions, as well as the historical Native American presence. These distinct but interconnected cultures inspire everything from Tulsa's ethnic festivals to architecture and, of course, its food. Among Tulsa's top-rated restaurants one finds Vietnamese food trucks, taquerias, German delis and authentic British pub fare. The city is also happy to throw its hat into the ring for the title of best barbecue in the US.

What Tulsa lacks in big-name recognition it humbly makes up for in surprising gastronomical variety, as well as one of the most business-friendly climates in the nation. Students who enroll in culinary schools in Tulsa, OK are likely to find an invigorating blend of new and familiar flavors in the cities food offerings, and enjoy the considerable benefit of learning from some of the most successful chefs and restaurateurs in the state.

Famous Tulsa restaurants

Tulsans take their food seriously. Whether sitting down to a plate of pulled pork sliders or Asian fusion, diners can be sure that their meal is imbued with the unique passion of the region. Below are just a few of the city's must-try highlights.

  • Burn Co. Barbecue - Burn Co. was recently awarded the considerable distinction of people's choice for the best barbecue in the city. Adam Myers and Robby Corcoran, the duo behind Burn Co., are up and working every day at 4:30 AM preparing the city's best ribs and house-made sausages. The open kitchen reveals a dozen or so charcoal grills being worked by the Burn Co. crew, so diners can watch the magic happen.
  • Lone Wolf Banh Mi - Lone Wolf is the stuff that food truck cravings are made from. Its namesake offering, the banh mi, is a Vietnamese sandwich with a Tulsan twist: it features Burn Co. pulled pork in place of the traditional cold cuts. Jalepeños and pickled carrots add tang and heat. Lone Wolf's menu only gets more creative from there with items like kimchi fries with candied bacon and kung pow fried rice; basically, all the flavors you never knew you wanted.
  • The Chalkboard - The Chalkboard is one of Tulsa's finest entries into the New American style. Located inside the cozy Ambassador Hotel in Uptown, Chalkboard serves up high quality comfort food like beef wellington, artichoke lasagna, and rack of lamb. Finish it off with The Chalkboard's bread pudding drizzled in chocolate sauce, and you're set.

Culinary career outlook in Tulsa

Breaking into the restaurant industry can be as daunting as it is glamorous, especially for those who lack experience. Now more than ever, working with food is a sought-after profession, and even the most talented would-be chefs face stiff competition.
For Midwesterners and Southerners with big dreams of opening a local bakery, working as a sommelier or becoming the next big thing in food, enrolling in one of the great culinary schools in Tulsa, OK is a smart step in the right direction.


Total Employment in Tulsa (2014)

Average Salary in Tulsa (2014)

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Chefs and Head Cooks




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The above figures come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who also note that restaurant industry job prospects should favor candidates who bring a wealth of experience to the table. Completing a culinary degree program in Tulsa allows students to learn and develop skills in a place whose gastronomical culture is at once classic and modern, and always invigorating.


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