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Culinary Schools in Lancaster

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh aren't the only cities in Pennsylvania with a reputation for great food. Lancaster also has a number of renowned restaurants, in nearly every kind of food and style. Home of the popular American drinks/dessert brand Turkey Hill, Lancaster is a city that should be taken seriously by foodies and cooking students alike -- as the city has proven time and time again.

Becoming familiar with the city's culinary scene is a good idea, before enrolling in one of the many Lancaster culinary schools and becoming a chef or cook in the area. Here's what Lancaster has to offer culinary students and where the Lancaster culinary field may be headed in the coming years.

Famous restaurants in Lancaster

There's almost no type of food you can't find in Lancaster. Although it's a smaller city, Lancaster has many offerings more consistent with that of a bigger city, from American burgers to highly-celebrated Indian restaurants. A mere glance on Yelp or TripAdvisor shows many food joints being raved about by the locals.

Here are just four the many excellent restaurants in Lancaster:

  • Himalayan Curry and Grill: Ranked among the 10 best restaurants in Lancaster by TripAdvisor, Himalayan Curry and Grill is considered by many to be the best Indian food in town. Whether you get goat, lamb or vegetable curry, it's bound to be good. There's also a celebrated lunch buffet and a BYOB policy that many appreciate.
  • Silver Spring Family Restaurant: Considered one of the best places in town to get breakfast by locals, Silver Spring Family Restaurant has an array of food options. No wonder it's ranked among the 10 best restaurants in Lancaster by TripAdvisor. Everything from popcorn shrimp to cheese quesadillas is on the menu, with sufficient vegetarian and kid options. And no one can resist pumpkin pancakes!
  • Rice & Noodles: There's more than just rice and noodles at this popular food joint. Ranked in the top 10 best restaurants in Lancaster by Yelp, Rice & Noodles offers everything from cabbage salad with chicken or shrimp to stir-fry with an array of meat and vegetable options. It's authentic Vietnamese, right here in Lancaster.
  • Aussie And The Fox: Ranked among the top 10 best restaurants in Lancaster by Yelp, Aussie And The Fox infuses Australian food with diverse food offerings. From barbecue carrots to burgers with pineapple mustard, smoked gouda and fried eggs, Aussie And The Fox offers a unique dining experience, in Lancaster or anywhere.

Of course, these are just four of the many great restaurants in Lancaster. A search online, on Google, TripAdvisor or Yelp, will show many more highly ranked restaurants and fast-food places in the city, which is ideal for foodies and culinary students alike.

Lancaster culinary salary and career info

There are many great Lancaster cooking schools worth looking into, before entering the culinary field in Lancaster. Within these programs, there are many areas of study to choose of, including but not limited to:

The culinary scene in Lancaster is booming in terms of job opportunities. To get an idea of the salary and employment situation among culinary professionals in Lancaster, here's a table with May 2014 career and salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):


Total employment in Lancaster, PA (May 2014)

Mean hourly wage in Lancaster, PA (May 2014)

Annual mean wage in Lancaster, PA (May 2014)

Cooks, Institution and Cafeteria730


Chefs and Head Cooks210


Cooks, Restaurants1,670



Throughout the state of Pennsylvania, many culinary professions are projected to grow between 2012 and 2022, according to projections from Projections Central. Here's a table that demonstrates this expected growth:


Base employment in Pennsylvania

Projected employment in 2022

% change in jobs from 2012-2022

Cooks, Institution and Cafeteria20,310


Chefs and Head Cooks5,300


Cooks, Restaurants33,570



So you can't go wrong in Pennsylvania, whether in Lancaster or a larger city like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. In Lancaster specifically, though, there are many excellent culinary schools and restaurants, making it a fantastic town for culinary students. Get those taste buds and cooking skills ready -- this foodie town will make good use of both of them.


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