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Culinary Schools in Killeen

When people think of great Texas food, they think of Austin, Dallas, Houston or San Antonio. But plenty of smaller towns and cities in Texas also have great culinary offerings, including Killeen. Located about an hour and a half north of Austin, Killeen is not just renowned for its barbecue, as many places in Texas are, but also everything from burgers to tacos.

But before becoming a chef in Killeen, and taking advantage of one of the many Killeen culinary schools, it's wise to get acquainted with the city's food offerings. Here's what the city of Killeen has to offer and how it's projected to grow in the coming years.

Famous Restaurants in Killeen, Texas

For a city of under 150,000 people, Killeen has the food offerings of a much bigger place. They say everything's bigger in Texas, and that's certainly true when it comes to Killeen's culinary scene. Whether someone is looking for Indian, Italian, southern or American, Killeen has it and it's delicious.

Here are just four of the city's many great restaurants:

  • Las Brazas Pollos Asados: Ranked in Yelp's 10 best restaurants in Killeen, Las Brazas Pollos Asados is a Mexican restaurant renowned for its fresh tacos. From the tortilla chips to the pork tacos, the food here pleases many people in the area, currently maintaining a 4.5/5 stars on Yelp.
  • Petty's BBQ: Dubbed by many as the best barbecue in Killeen, Petty's BBQ has won the hearts of locals. Ranked in Yelp's 10 best restaurants in Killeen, this local barbecue joint serves all the most popular barbecue favorites, from brisket to sausages. Fans rave it's fresh and has the best smoke flavor. Also, be sure to try the cheesecake banana pudding.
  • Hupply Pupply: Ranked in the 10 best restaurants in Killeen by Yelp, Hupply Pupply is more than just an adorable restaurant name. This mediterranean joint is renowned for everything from its falafels to its chai tea. The environment is also raved about, with everything from hookah to pool tables.
  • Billy Bob's Burgers: This popular burger joint, which is ranked the best restaurant in Killeen on, uses 100 percent pure beef. With three restaurants and a food truck, Billy Bob's Burgers is in great demand and it's not difficult to see why. No additives or preservatives, fresh toppings, real American cheese, sweet french fries and more.

These are only a few of the many great restaurants in Killeen. For chefs and foodies alike, Killeen is an excellent destination to eat, cook, learn how to cook or any or all of the above. Bring the taste buds, an open mind and an empty stomach and the town won't disappoint.

Killeen culinary salary and job growth

Before one can enter the culinary field in Killeen, schooling is typically necessary. And there are many great Killeen cooking schools. The areas of study that may be found here include the following:

To get an idea of the employment situation for those in the culinary field in Killeen, here's some data grabbed from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) specific to the Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood metro area:


Total employment in Killeen (2014)

Mean hourly wage in Killeen (2014)

Annual mean wage in Killeen (2014)

Cooks, Institution and Cafeteria850


Chefs and Head CooksNot released


Cooks, Restaurants890



In the whole state of Texas, the culinary field is projected to grow quite a bit between 2012 and 2022, according to Projections Central. Here are some projections for culinary professionals in Texas:

OccupationBase employment in TexasProjected employment from 2012-2022% change in jobs from 2012-2022
Cooks, Institution and Cafeteria29,280


Chefs and Head Cooks6,700


Cooks, Restaurants84,800



So whether one attends one of the many Killeen cooking schools to become a culinary professional in the area or goes elsewhere in Texas, job prospects are looking good. Of course, it depends on the individual and what the future brings, but someone can do much worse than studying and cooking in Killeen. And someone can definitely do much worse than eating in Killeen.

This is a foodie town, and one that's been flying under the radar for a while. For eating, studying and working, that will work in your benefit. Browse the schools below to get started on a culinary degree that's right for you.


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