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Culinary Schools in Maine

When it comes to food in Maine, lobster is king. By most estimates, the state supplies 75-80 percent of the country's lobster. Culinary schools in Maine undoubtedly pay special attention to the state's seafood, but learning how to perfect lobster rolls and lobster bisque is only part of the education students can receive at these institutions.

Students can expect to learn about a variety of cooking techniques, from classic to contemporary. And for those who would prefer to find a job outside the kitchen, culinary arts schools in Maine may have programs that focus on the business and management side of the food and hospitality industry.

Whether they decide to work in the back or at the front of the house, graduates will find that the food industry is growing in Maine. According to the National Restaurant Association, there were more than 3,000 eating and drinking establishments in the state in 2013. These locations accounted for 10 percent of all state employment in 2015, and the number of jobs is expected to grow 8.3 percent from 2015-2025.

Famous restaurants in Maine

While lobster may get most of the attention, Maine has a rich culinary scene with a wide variety of flavors and dishes. Wild blueberries are a trademark food item in the state, as is maple syrup. Of course, like other New England states, Maine also has a rich heritage of hearty Yankee fare that includes stews and wild game.

Some of the best restaurants in the state work to preserve Maine's food traditions and emphasize the use of locally sourced ingredients. Others are looking to put Maine on the culinary map by experimenting with contemporary cooking styles and ethnic cuisines. Here are a few of the notable establishments in the state.

  • Fore Street (Portland): Fore Street might just be the restaurant getting the most buzz in Maine right now. It landed in the #42 spot on The Daily Meal's list of 101 Best Restaurants in the nation for 2015. Open since 1996, the restaurant emphasizes local ingredients and was a semifinalist for the 2015 Outstanding Restaurant Award from the James Beard Foundation.
  • Tao Yuan (Brunswick): Cara Stadler, the owner and head chef at Tao Yuan, also got a nod from the James Beard Foundation in 2015. She was named a finalist for the Rising Star Chef of the Year award. Stadler mixes local ingredients with Asian influences to create a menu of memorable dishes.
  • The Black Birch (Kittery): At The Black Birch, a reclaimed wood bar and 24 rotating draft lines are waiting for diners. However, this isn't simply a place to grab a drink. The restaurant also offers up excellent food that highlights the best of the Maine culinary scene. According to foodie website,, The Black Birch tops the 2014 list of essential Maine restaurants.
  • Waterman's Beach Lobster (South Thomaston): Those who head to the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland may want to take a detour to Waterman's Beach Lobster. It's one of the ten best lobster shacks in Maine, according to Travel+Leisure Magazine.

Culinary schools & career outlook in Maine

The following chart provides a review of state employment opportunities for common culinary arts occupations. Students at culinary schools in Maine may find this information useful when deciding whether to remain in the state after graduation and move elsewhere to begin their career.

RegionCareerTotal EmploymentAnnual Mean Wage
MaineFirst-Line Supervisors of Food Preparation and Serving Workers3,430$39,000
MaineFood Service Managers1,240$59,850
MaineChefs and Head Cooks540$54,720
2019 Occupational Employment Statistics and 2018-28 Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics,

Job opportunities and salary potential may vary by location, and the chart below compares the Portland and Bangor metropolitan areas.

RegionCareerTotal EmploymentAnnual Mean Wage
Bangor, MEChefs and Head Cooks40$44,040
Bangor, MEBakers70$28,650
Bangor, MEFood Service Managers130$55,500
Portland-South Portland, MEFood Service Managers390$64,970
Portland-South Portland, MEChefs and Head Cooks220$54,660
Portland-South Portland, MEBakers310$34,690
2019 Occupational Employment Statistics and 2018-28 Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics,

Although Portland is home to the most job opportunities, some positions may pay better in other parts of the state. Lewiston, Portsmouth and Dover may also be home to jobs for culinary arts professionals.

Culinary schools in Maine can be a starting point for careers both in New England and beyond. Depending on their area of interest and educational program, students may learn everything from how to handle a knife properly to how to balance the books. These schools may also be able to provide insight into the local job scene or make connections between students and alumni or local industry professionals.


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