Culinary Arts Schools in New York

New York is home to one of the country's largest, most diverse and eclectic culinary scenes. New York City is certainly the epicenter of all things food-related in the U.S. -- a place where millions of tourists come to visit and dine, and chefs from around the world come to study and launch new dining experiences. The culinary industry in New York is as expansive as it is varied. Consider the following facts about New York's restaurant industry from the National Restaurant Association:

  • 44,569 eating and drinking establishments in the state in 2013
  • $34.6 billion in sales annually
  • More than 772,000 New Yorkers employed in the food and beverage industry in 2014

Famous New York restaurants

New York is certainly no stranger to nationally and even globally recognized establishments, from the renowned Tavern on the Green in Central Park to Minetta Tavern. For its 2015 rankings, Michelin gave 1-, 2- and 3-star rankings to 72 restaurants for 2015. Six restaurants were awarded three stars -- it's highest possible rating -- five of which are located in Manhattan.

3-star Michelin restaurants in New York

  • Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare (Brooklyn) - An 18-seat restaurant helmed by Chef Cesar Ramirez, dinner at Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare is a 15-course small plate experience.
  • Eleven Madison Park (Manhattan) - Chef Daniel Humm's restaurant is critically acclaimed, also earning the Grand Award from Wine Spectator, Five Stars from Forbes Travel Guide, the Les Grandes Tables du Monde and more.
  • Jean-Georges (Manhattan) - Founded by its namesake Jean-Georges Vongerichten in 1997, Jean-Georges is a pillar of French cuisine in the New York area and has been named one of the top five French restaurants in North and South America.
  • Le Bernardin (Manhattan) - Chef and co-owner Eric Ripert -- one of New York's finest chefs, has brought critical acclaim to Le Bernadin, including 3-star ratings from Michelin, 4-star ratings from the New York Times, and a James Beard award for "Best Restaurant Design" in 2012.
  • Masa (Manhattan) - Chef Masayoshi Takayama's Masa, a renowned Japanese and sushi restaurant, is not only one of the city's most unique dining experiences but one of the most expensive, costing $450 per person.
  • Per Se (Manhattan) - Opened in 2004, Per Se is another famous New York restaurant serving French fare and is the second three-star Michelin restaurant opened by Chef Thomas Keller.

Two-star winners include Daniel, Aqavit, Soto, Marea and Blanca, while Aleda, Bouley, Betony and Tori Shin were some of the one-star winners.

Zagat-rated restaurants in New York

But, New York City is not only dominated by expensive, Michelin 3-star winning restaurants. In fact, affordable, high-quality culinary experiences can be found nearly everywhere. Zagat named the following five restaurants as the top five best value restaurants by Zagat in 2014:

  • Chuko Ramen (Japanese)
  • SriPraPhai (Thai)
  • Paulie Gee's (Pizza)
  • Lucali (Pizza)
  • Taverna Kyclades (Greek)

New York culinary jobs

Besides moving to France to work their way into the restaurant industry, prospective students in New York can choose from a variety of educational and career path opportunities. New York culinary Schools & Colleges are found in a variety of locations and have a range of culinary degree options. Traditionally, students at New York culinary schools can select from four major concentrations, including the following:

Through those lines of culinary training, example careers include baker, food service manager, private chef, head cook or chef and more. State-wide, overall employment projections are muted, with chefs and bakers expected to see the highest employment gains between 2012 and 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS.gov).

Culinary arts salary in New York

Below is a table of state-wide average salaries and projected career growth for chefs, bakers and food service managers in New York:

RegionCareerTotal EmploymentAnnual Mean Wage
New YorkFood Service Managers7,800$72,170
New YorkBakers11,820$29,570
New YorkChefs and Head Cooks16,890$48,520
Source: 2017 Occupational Employment Statistics and 2016-26 Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS.gov; 2016-26 State Occupational Projections, Projections Central, projectionscentral.com

In the state, employment potential and career earnings vary by location, from city to city, metro area to metro area.

Below is a table of average salaries in New York metropolitan areas across three of the major culinary careers: Chef, Food Service Manager, and Baker.

RegionCareerTotal EmploymentAnnual Mean Wage
Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NYBakers910$28,010
Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NYFood Service Managers360$64,790
Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NYChefs and Head Cooks630$51,160
Binghamton, NYBakers190$24,530
Binghamton, NYFood Service Managers70$52,740
Binghamton, NYChefs and Head Cooks100$34,490
Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls, NYChefs and Head Cooks490$40,370
Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls, NYFood Service Managers480$70,290
Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls, NYBakers660$27,030
Dutchess County-Putnam County, NY Metropolitan DivisionBakers160$28,950
Dutchess County-Putnam County, NY Metropolitan DivisionFood Service Managers120$73,780
Dutchess County-Putnam County, NY Metropolitan DivisionChefs and Head Cooks190$56,600
Ithaca, NYChefs and Head Cooks80$48,050
Ithaca, NYFood Service Managers60$67,690
Ithaca, NYBakers130$28,970
Kingston, NYChefs and Head Cooks130$61,550
Kingston, NYBakers190$28,760
Kingston, NYFood Service Managers50$63,750
Nassau County-Suffolk County, NY Metropolitan DivisionFood Service Managers1,310$76,370
Nassau County-Suffolk County, NY Metropolitan DivisionBakers1,320$33,240
Nassau County-Suffolk County, NY Metropolitan DivisionChefs and Head Cooks2,180$66,040
New York-Jersey City-White Plains, NY-NJ Metropolitan DivisionBakers8,910$30,560
New York-Jersey City-White Plains, NY-NJ Metropolitan DivisionFood Service Managers5,180$78,600
New York-Jersey City-White Plains, NY-NJ Metropolitan DivisionChefs and Head Cooks12,500$47,470
Rochester, NYChefs and Head Cooks510$49,270
Rochester, NYBakersN/A$25,440
Rochester, NYFood Service Managers570$52,940
Syracuse, NYChefs and Head Cooks210$47,610
Syracuse, NYFood Service Managers290$57,930
Syracuse, NYBakers350$27,720
Utica-Rome, NYFood Service Managers80$58,860
Utica-Rome, NYChefs and Head Cooks140$48,100
Utica-Rome, NYBakers230$27,740
Source: 2017 Occupational Employment Statistics and 2016-26 Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS.gov; 2016-26 State Occupational Projections, Projections Central, projectionscentral.com

For prospective students thinking about enrolling in cooking school, New York should be at the top of any list of potential locations. With its rich culinary history to award winning restaurants, New York is certainly one of the country's most prolific food destinations -- for students, chefs, and patrons alike.


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French Culinary Institute New York Culinary Arts
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