10 Sweetest Cupcake Blogs

cupcake-blogsIf you haven't been keeping up with cupcakes, you've been missing a lot. Cupcakes have moved past their child's-birthday-party origins and invaded the world of adult flavor. You can find cupcakes made from every ingredient under the sun, from lasagna cupcakes (seriously) to butternut squash cupcakes to cupcakes with so much chocolate your mouth will explode.

Whether you're new to the cupcake world or you're an old pro, the blogs below promise to offer plenty of new flavor combinations, decorating tips and tricks, and cupcake-themed merchandise. Enjoy this mouth-watering roundup of the cupcake blogosphere, listed in no particular order.

10 cupcake blogs full of sugar and spice

All Things Cupcake. When these people say All Things Cupcake, they mean it. Featuring a team of bloggers spread across the U.S., and one in Australia, ATC focuses more on cupcake culture than on recipes. From cupcake pajama pants to cupcake tattoos, ATC explores the world of cupcake accessories -- and trust us, it's a big one. Recipes to try: Reindeer cupcakes, hidden candy corn cupcakes

The Cupcake Activist. This foodie with a cause is passionate about cupcakes. She reports on her experiences judging cupcake contests, chronicles her thoughts on every cupcake shop she's ever visited, and religiously reviews cupcakes from places as diverse as Dodger Stadium and Costco. She also shares her adventures in the kitchen in a way that's approachable for the home cook. Recipe to try: Red velvet cookies

Cupcake Bakeshop. Cupcake Bakeshop features the sweet creations of software engineer and cupcake baker Cheryl Porro. Cupcake Bakeshop is a great resource for novice bakers, with a guide to equipment, a basics and troubleshooting section, and answers to frequently asked baking questions. You can even find tips for delicately eating your cupcakes. Recipes to try: Fig and almond cupcake bombe, Thai tea cupcakes

The Cupcake Blog. The Cupcake Blog offers photos of pretty much every kind of cupcake you could imagine, from adult beverage cupcakes to superhero cupcakes. And who doesn't love a blog that devotes a whole section to the goodness that is red velvet cupcakes. You can get recipes for many of the featured cupcakes, while others provide purely visual inspriation. Recipes to try: Amaretto apple streusel cupcakes, gluten-free chocolate lavender citrus cupcakes

Cupcake Project. Blogger Stef jumped into the deep end of the cupcake world, offering to make cupcakes for a friend's wedding without having baked a cupcake before -- ever. It must have been a success, as Stef's blog grew into a cupcake resource with recipes, frequently asked cupcake questions and updates on her ongoing wedding cupcake business. Recipes to try: Cucumber martini cupcakes, french toast cupcakes stuffed with peaches and marscapone

Cupcakes Take the Cake. From Hello Kitty to True Blood cupcakes, Cupcakes Take the Cake explores the diverse world of cupcakes in the Big Apple. User-submitted photos and recipes feature prominently on the blog, but Cupcakes Take the Cake is more than just a source of inspiration for the kitchen -- it's a cupcake community. Cupcake meet-ups, where readers can share cupcakes at various bakeries, are mostly in New York City, but the Cupcake Lovers' Cruise to Bermuda (in August 2012) looks to be a delicious event for cupcake lovers worldwide. Recipes to try: Cherry Coke cupcakes, strawberry salsa jalapeno cupcakes

My Little Cupcake. Little cupcakes, as in cakepops, are the focus of his blog. But there's nothing small about the decoration, which features intricate edibles used to create holiday-themed cakepops. The site offers an online store where you can purchase mini-molds and decorating supplies. Once you're stocked up, head over to the recipe section for instructions on creating your own cakepop delights. Recipe to try: Bailey's Irish Cream with a chocolate base, chocolate truffle cookie delight

Raspberri Cupcakes. Steph, who blogs from Sydney, Australia, describes herself as a "food blogger on a constant sugar high." Recipes include creative ideas for sweets from cakes to cookies and, of course, cupcakes. Steph does more than experiment with creative flavors; her blog provides detailed instructions for decoration and stunning presentation as well, including creative ideas such as a macaron and cupcake bouquet. Recipes to try: Rolo chocolate brownie cake, cheesecake-filled chocolate Easter eggs

Utah Loves Cupcakes. Blogger Becky has two passions: Utah and cupcakes. So she started a blog devoted to all things cupcake in the Beehive State. The site features an updated list of Utah cupcake shops as well as a roundup of vendors offering local Utah ingredients such as diary, honey and produce. Professional-quality photography brings the blog to life. Recipe to try: Nutella cupcakes

52 Cupcakes. At heart, this is a classic cupcake blog, with a focus on interesting cupcake flavors and innovative decorating. Sure, there are posts about the best cupcake apps and new mixing equipment, but the focus here is squarely on the flavor. Clear recipe directions as well as tips on helping each recipe shine make this a blog you can bake your way through. Recipes to try: Salted caramel chocolate cupcakes, butternut squash cupcakes with sage frosting

If the recipes mentioned above don't have your mouth watering, there are plenty more on these blogs. Find your favorite flavor combinations or get inspired to create your own.

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