10 Awesome Websites for Cocktail Enthusiasts

top-10-cocktail-blogsWhether you're a professional mixologist or an at-home bartender, true liquor lovers know that making the perfect cocktail is part art, part science and part drinking your way through everything from umbrella-adorned mocktails to a classic Brandy Old Fashioned. If you're looking for company on your journey, the blogs below offer cocktail recipes, tips and stories to make it all go down smoother.


10 blogs for cocktail connoisseurs

Alcademics You know you're in the company of a cocktail enthusiast when the writer attempts to have ice shipped from the Arctic for a cocktail. Why? "When you pour a drink over iceberg ice, it can crackle and pop like Rice Krispies and you can breathe in 10,000 year-old air." Alcademics also offers musings on the concept of a Martini, a collection of airline drink menus and a recipe for a Honey Badger shot.

Embury Cocktails The philosophy behind this blog is simple: "You're going to drink. Do it well." A rotating cast of bloggers with impressive credentials focus on the ingredients that make cocktails great. Posts cover topics ranging from the art of naming a new drink to recipes for innovative cocktails.

The Five O'Clock Cocktail Head Blogtender Rose Maura Lorre serves up a new post everyday at 5 p.m. Whether she's inventing her own concoctions for a special occasion or mixing away to replicate an old classic, Lorre provides readers with cocktail recipes, tasting notes and artistic photographs that make you want to order another round.

Imbibe Unfiltered From Imbibe Magazine, this blog provides cocktail recipes for timely events and holidays, product reviews and recipes, and booze news from around the web.

The Intoxicologist If you're looking for cocktail recipes, The Intoxicologist is the place to go. You can find a cocktail for every occasion, from Girl's Night Out to Father's Day, as well as recipes for champagne, whiskey and wine cocktails. Blogger Cheri Loughlin also offers consulting and stock photography.

Jeffrey Morgenthaler Good bartenders know that details matter, and Morgenthaler's blog focuses on everything from the temperature of the glassware to the difference between a sugar cube and a simple syrup. This blog offers tips for serious bartenders -- and dedicated home drinkers -- on everything from how to mass produce punch bases to the importance of having a recipe book (everyone needs one once in awhile).

The Liquid Muse Natalie Bovis is the liquid muse, and her site offers video demonstrations, information on San Francisco cocktail events and an underground cocktail club. The blog covers topics ranging from the new organic cocktail trend to Absinthe explained.

Liquor Snob You wouldn't necessarily expect a self-proclaimed liquor snob to write a post on how to build a keezer (that's a kegerator freezer for those not in the know), but this liquor-loving blogger does just that. The Liquor Snob enjoys everything about drinking, and you can find posts on drinking gear, drinking games and drinking songs, as well hangover remedy reviews and, of course, plenty of cocktail recipes.

Loungerati The Loungerati focuses on the setting that makes the cocktail, providing reviews of New York bars and lounges. If you're looking for New York City libations or just want to live vicariously through this entertaining cast of bloggers, check out the reviews and plan your next pub crawl.

52 Martinis This is a blog with a mission. 52 Martinis is on a search for the best cocktails in Paris, and this dedicated blogger tries out a new Parisian bar every week, comparing martinis and house specialities across the city of lights. It's a tough gig, but somebody has to do it.


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