10 Websites to Help You Live Gluten-Free

gluten-free-sitesTen online resources for a gluten-free lifestyle


You may know of celiac disease as CD, celiac sprue or gluten sensitive enteropathy. If you have this autoimmune disorder, you know that eating gluten can lead to chronic and life threatening symptoms. The websites and blogs below offer support for individuals who need to steer clear of gluten, with advice for their friends and families as well. The sites, listed here alphabetically, were chosen because they all provide a wealth of resources and ideas for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Read about the life-changing experience of being diagnosed with celiac disease, and find out how these bloggers have thrived with gluten-free cuisine. Recipes include every type of meal or beverage, with tips for avoiding grains and sugar. Some of these chefs have also opted for vegan or vegetarian dishes. Get ready for some mouth-watering food photos:

1. Elana's Pantry: Learn how to cook with almond flour. Healthy gluten-free recipes are posted along with ingredient ideas, FAQs, cookbooks and videos. These recipes are grain free -- for the primal or "paleo" lifestyle -- as well as gluten free. This blogger reminds us that "diet" is a four-letter word.

2. Gluten Free Cooking School: What started out as a blog has morphed into an online cooking school with detailed lessons, how-to videos and lifestyle strategies. Check out the recipes, newsletter, e-book and survival guide. One of the school's founders has celiac disease, and the other has a wheat allergy.

3. Gluten Free Diva: This blog, originally called "I Am Gluten Free," offers quick and easy gluten-free, dairy-free recipes. Find videos, information on the vegan lifestyle, favorite cookbooks and more. The blogger is a holistic health coach who advises on how to keep a gluten-free menu whether at home, dining out, traveling or visiting friends.

4. Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef: Find recipes full of love and videos showing how to cook with calm. Check out the recommendations for fantastic fermented foods and more. Here are stories from people diagnosed with celiac who are living gluten free.

5. Gluten Free Gobsmacked: If you got the news of your celiac sprue diagnosis during a wedding gown fitting, just a few weeks away from that wedding cake, you might feel gobsmacked like Kate did. Her resources include recipes for rice flour and potato flour as well as international ideas like nori-wrapped sandwiches and Korean mung bean pancakes. Find out about saving money with gluten-free shopping. Polls covers topics like "Is soy sauce safe for a GF diet?"

6. Gluten-Free Goddess: Find recipes for cooking by the seasons, with vegan and vegetarian recipes. Here is specific advice on how to go gluten free, covering everything from desserts to cocktails. Learn how to create your own personalized gluten-free shopping list and how to avoid contamination from gluten molecules on shared spaces in the kitchen. Read about the scary effect of gluten on brain chemistry.

7. Gluten Hates Me: Explore the life of a Southern girl living with celiac disease and without fried chicken. Blog posts share recipes and talk about her first gluten-free Thanksgiving. You can read product reviews and check out gear for people that gluten hates. And you may need to try this one: strawberry chocolate cherry protein smoothies.

8. Simply Gluten Free: Here are gluten-free recipes and a blog about a gluten-free diet. Check out the recommendations, shopping tips, giveaways, community support and cookbooks. Carol, a professional recipe developer, food writer and TV chef, created this site, and she has some good news for those struggling to go gluten free: "The foods we can eat far outweigh what we can't."

9. Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free: Read about Amy's lifelong journey with food. The SS&GF website provides a cookbook with egg-free, dairy-free and vegan options. Find recipes for every meal and a ton of different types of foods. The allergy-free sections covers corn, nuts and more. How-to's dive into topics like making gluten-free lunch boxes.

10. Udi's Gluten Free Blog: The website features products from Udi's Gluten Free Foods, plus special offers and the chance to win some goodies. Support for gluten-free living includes tips on how to survive college dining hall food and educate the administration about GF cuisine. Community features include a forum, live chats, blog posts and a social media video contest. A news section covers sampling events in stores, donations to charity and more.

Gluten-free living is a growing trend. The Celiac Disease Foundation explains that this disorder affects 1 in 133 people in the U.S. and tends to run in families. The CDF website offers still more resources, including strategies for reading food labels and guidelines for deducting gluten-free ingredients as medical expenses.

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