A culinary adventure novel

Now that my internship has been successfully completed, I can concentrate on finishing culinary school — I’ve got four more classes to take before graduating, and one of those, Baking II, I’m trying to skirt. During the internship, I learned more about baking than I ever would have in class, and baked nearly everything we would have in class. I dread having to sit through cookies, cakes, bread doughs and puff pastry again after testing similar recipes at the Test Kitchen 20+ times a day.

My advisor mentioned that I can receive life credit for the baking class by submitting a portfolio and paying a fee, which sounds perfect. While I have the recipes of everything I baked, I didn’t take photos, so I’m not sure if Chef will allow it. I’ll find out for sure in a few weeks.

The other thing I need to concentrate on is finding employment. I was laid off from my marketing position with Disney in December (career before culinary). Financially, it was hell on my family, but it turned out to be the best push for my culinary career. I have an interview at a local test kitchen in the next few days — it’s a temp position, for about 6 months, but involves everything I love to do: recipe development, testing, food writing, food styling and photography. I’m not sure if video is part of the job, but if yes, I love that, too. If that doesn’t work out, then I’ll be diving head first into the restaurant or catering side of things, either at Disney or a local fine dining establishment.

Every step I take reveals something bigger, unexpected and more exciting – this culinary journey, although happening slower than I have patience for, has been like reading an adventure novel; I can’t wait to turn the page to see what happens next.

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