A Foodies Hobby

You might think that going on a trip to the grocery store is is just a task on your list of chores, but for me it quite the opposite.I have always loved going grocery shopping.The appeal is walking around the fresh produce and thinking of different meals that I could put together.I love that it gives me a chance to just walk around by myself and clear my head.

I remember being the first one in my family to volunteer to go to the store.Even before I was in high school, I would roam the aisles thinking of new and interesting dishes.Before I had my drivers license, I would have my mom or sister drive me there and then I would call them after I had successfully gotten the food.

With upscale markets like Whole Foods on just about every street corner it makes going grocery shopping just that much better.Instead of looking at your common slew of fruits and vegetables, you can easily find unusual and exotic ingredients to experiment with.No longer do you have to go to a separate cheese or butchers shop.Now, you can find amazing cuts of beef and artisan cheese all under the same roof.

I don’t know any foodie or culinarian that doesn’t like going to the grocery store.It’s like my different version of a hobby.Not only does grocery shopping give me pleasure but it also serves a purpose.If you are someone who loathes having to go to the market; don’t bother hiring a shopping service and just let me do the shopping for you!

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