A Kitchen Tragedy

I am finally settled back here in Michigan after my move from Denver. Granted there are still packed boxes in the basement and clothes to be washed; but these things can and will be done in time.

This past weekend was my cousin’s high school graduation and my aunt asked me to make a cake for her open house party. I am more than happy to; after a week of not making anything more than a sandwich and some pasta I was itching to get back in and do some baking!

Like a Part of the Family
I dusted off my Veronica, my Kitchenaid pro 5 mixer, which had been residing in the basement for the past 9 months and prepared to bake a cake. After getting the mise en place together, I plopped the butter into the mixing bowl to start the creaming portion of the cake batter. I went to turn the mixer onto stir and the butter started to fly out of the bowl! There was something wrong with my mixer. When I placed it on ’stir’ or even the slowest speed it immediately sped up to the highest setting. I tried messing with it but no matter what setting the mixer was on, it would only spin as fast as it possibly could.

My mom and I took the housing off the top of my mixer to see if we could easily remedy the issue but it was to no avail. The mixer was dead and there was no way I was going to make a cake in one day without it. I made the sad call to my aunt giving her the news and tried to not have a mini melt-down over the death of Veronica.

It’s not the End
I will be taking it to see the Kitchenaid Doctor soon but until then I feel like I am missing a limb. Yes, I know it’s pathetic to be sad over a broken mixer. But, for a passionate pastry chef, losing such a valued piece of equipment is a huge inconvenience. I’m confident that Veronica will be back up and running soon but until then I suppose this will give me a chance to build up some more muscle!

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