A Late Summers Evening Picnic

I love being outdoors, no matter what season it is, I love to smell fresh air and be in such natural and beautiful surrounds.Our house has a nice big deck, complete with slider-swing, a lounging chair, and a beautiful wrought iron patio set.Of course, no backyard deck is complete without the large silver gas grill.

I have always been a grill-er, and my family and I enjoy frequently grilling everything and anything you can.Finished by eating our meal outside with a cold beverage.We even have outdoor speakers hooked up to the house so we can play our favorite classical music while enjoying great food and great company.

In little under a week the weather here in Michigan have gone to completely unbearably hot and humid to cold and rainy.Now we are frequently running up to our closets to get warm sweaters and shutting the windows in the middle of the night to keep with feels like the frost off of our toes.

This past evening, my mother made some great ham and pea soup.She always knows how to make some great soup and it’s always made on the perfect days for a hearty soup.We decided to brave to cool outside for what feels like might be the last time we get to sit outside.

It had been raining all day and only let up long enough for the chairs to dry and for us to enjoy some soup and hot rolls out on the back deck.I had to bundle up in a blanket and rubbed my feet together to keep warm but it was nice to be outside in the chilly air.The local birds and chipmunks decided that we were no threat to them and come out to eat to give us some entertainment.

Neither my mom or I spoke much, we were both completely content to slurp the hot soup and watch the birds.Although it wasn’t long before the blood-thirsty skeeters came to my exposed arms that forced us to shuffle back inside but, I feel content that I had one last evening picnic outside.

Not long from now the roses in the back yard will be covered and protected and no creatures will be out braving the hunt for food through the snow.I am ready for winter, but it never amazes me just how fast the seasons go.As the saying goes, “it feels like just yesterday I was only……”

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