A Little Rusty

Practically every product that I have made at school has turned out great after my first trial and error batch.Whether it’s bagels or brownies, everything turned out great after seeing my Chef create it.Having all the ingredients at my fingertips, being able to snag any possible tool I needed, and knowing exactly how the climate effected my product made the past two years in a kitchen Lab, a successful period of time.

What Happened?!
When you come home to a different climate, and different kitchen, that is not equipped in the same way, and with a completely different oven; you may not be perfectly used to using it.Sometimes, I come home and recreate a product and the results are completely different.I know there are countless factors as to why this happens but as a perfectionist of a pastry chef, this is very frustrating.

Why didn’t my bread rise, or that the edges burn on the tart, or my pastry cream get lumpy?It’s not like I haven’t made these products countless times in the past, but even after a short period of time you lose some of your skills.

Yesterday, I made a batch of small brioche loaves and they did not cook properly; falling after taking them out of the oven.You can never predict how some recipes will act when you make them in a new place or a kitchen that you might now be quite used to.

Admit, you’re human too
Although I know that other people have the same problem and I have talked about it before with my fellow pastry chefs but, I can’t help but feel like I am the only one who failed.That I am less of a pastry chef and have less talent because one product didn’t turn out to be flawless for once.I don’t think of myself as a chef that is particularly egotistical but you do have to believe in your own talent and be a bit cocky in this business.I just have to remind myself that I am human and that I won’t always have perfect product.

The positive to realize about failed product is why it happened, and how to fix it in the future.We can only advance and learn from the mistakes we make.I do not want to turn into someone who feels that they cannot learn anything more, because you should be constantly educating yourself.Even if it takes a bit of disappointment to get to the lesson.

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