A Little Taste of Sin, City

I recently had my first visit to Las Vegas and loved seeing this famous city.It was amazing to see the opulence of “the strip” and all that meant.Where else can you see Hotels with roller coasters on-top, rivers running through the middle, and even the Eiffel tower outside of France.

Inside the casinos were just as grand.Some were a huge maze of meticulously designed corridors of shops and eateries.You can tell that great care was taken in the painting and decorating of these buildings, while not one tiny detail is spared.

Then, there are the amazing restaurants that sit inside these hotels.Tao Restaurant in the Venetian Hotel invites you in with a tunnel that houses large tubs of water with rose petals and hundreds of floating votives.Inside the dark plush wall bring your attention to the two-story Buddha statue.Other touches like dragons, Asian inspired paintings, and elegantly painted chopsticks makes the enormous space homey and personal.

Each restaurant and night club has a different theme and a different extravagant decoration.What makes these places different from any other city are the extreme touches.Like golden escalators carrying you into the gold and silver themed dance floor of The Bank.30-foot long fish tanks filled with exotic salt water fish used as walls at Caesar’s Palace.Live animals and real waterfalls in the middle of the dining room floor.

It’s apparent that no expense was spared when designing these buildings.When millions of people visit Las Vegas each year it makes sense why no detail was over looked.Las Vegas isn’t just a city, it’s a whole other world.

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