All About The School

For my first post on ‘The Dish’ I would like to tell you about my school: Johnson and Wales University in Denver, CO. At first I thought I would talk about the program, what the buildings are like, etc, but I think that would sound too much like I was advertising for the school. So, instead I thought you might like to hear about my experience there.

Last fall my mom and I piled all of my belongings into my little blue Toyota Rav4 and drove from Michigan to Colorado. The drive took three days and was very boring, with nothing but corn and more corn for miles in front of us. When we finally did arrive it was the same busy day when all of the freshman move onto campus to begin their school year. I was lucky enough to stay in ‘Presidents Hall,’ which is considered premium housing (this includes a private bathroom, carpeting, and air conditioning). The room itself is a square, about 15 by 15 feet with built in closets and a private bath. I shared the room with one other girl who I met online through the schools ‘roommate matching’ program. My mother, aunt, and I moved all of my belongings in and unpacked my things into my new home.

That week of the big move, Johnson and Wales held WOW week (week of welcome) which is to acclimate the freshmen to living on campus. We took tours, got our class schedules, had pictures for our IDs taken, and got our uniforms. I was very excited to now be a college student. For my first trimester of school I had my ‘academic’ classes, including Survey of College Mathematics, English Composition, Leadership Skills, Food Safety and Sanitation, and Life Sciences. The size of the classes there are fairly small, about a maximum of 40 students in the lecture halls. All of my teachers tried to get to know each student personally, and I never felt lost in the crowd.

The weeks passed very quickly, especially when you are a busy 19-year-old college student. Before I knew it, it was Thanksgiving break and it was time to start my second trimester: my first baking labs. I was so excited to start class–this is what I came to this school for. I spent the night before carefully ironing my chef coat, starching my neckerchief, and laying out my apron. Walking into the building I was happy to see many other students all with the same uniform on, preparing to start the day. My first class was Hot and Cold Dessert Preparation, the classroom was large and fully stocked. I was slightly surprised at how quickly we started baking. There wasn’t much of a tour or any large lecture , and I enjoyed the number of students there that knew what they were doing. I quickly became comfortable with my classmates and working with them. My first lab at Johnson and Wales was amazing.


The Hospitality College


Closer view of the Hospitality College (yes, thats me!)


Historic Treat Hall


The Presidents Garden in the middle of the quad


Presidents Hall


The College of Culinary Arts


One of the Baking and Pastry Labs


Me making table side Cherries Jubilee during class one night.

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