America's Career University, Not America's Career Technical School.

At Johnson and Wales, the school year is divided up into three trimesters, each one being eleven weeks. For the Culinary Degree, it consists of one academic trimester, and two lab trimesters for your freshman years. Your sophomore year consists of one academic trimester, one lab trimester, and an externship trimester. This is where you do your co-op, or internship. If you have experience in the food service industry, you can get a paid ‘intern’ position at a restaurant/foodservice operation of your choice.. Providing it’s on their accepted co-op lists… but I digress.

When I first started, I was in my academic trimester.. My schedule went something like this… Monday and Wednesday I had English Comp, followed by Life Science (Focusing mainly on the digestive tract, but other things such as DNA, RNA, Elements and their bonds as well.) Tuesdays I had Career Management (Here you focus on professional skills such as building your resume, and how to conduct and interview) and Math. Thursdays I had Math again, and Sanitation (This is where you take your training on food borne illnesses and learn the wonders of time and temperature abuse. You also get your food safety manager certificate like this.. I know most restaurants focus only on ServSafe, but the program we used was National Registry of Food Safety Professionals. No one has ever been able to give me a straight answer on the difference between the two. We do offer a ServSafe Alcohol certificate however.)

Something I noticed when I first started was the fact that a lot of people would ask, "I’m in culinary, why do I have to take English Composition to learn how to cook? The teachers would state as if it was reflex, "Johnson and Wales Is America’s Career University, Not America’s Career Technical School. If you want to dilute your education, you should have went to your local community trade school." Well, thats all for this time. Thanks for reading.

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