And A New Trimester Begins

After a nice week break from school, it is time for the next trimester to begin.For the next three months I will not be in the culinary labs everyday, thankfully!

I will be taking:

Menu Planning and Cost Controls: Although I’m not entirely sure what the class will be like, but basically it is a math class to help you learn to plan a menu, ordering food, and keeping your costs down.

Communication Skills: This is basically a speech class, not much else you need to know about that.

Foundations of Leadership: This is a class required to graduate, you are taught how to be a good leader and different types of leadership for you to implement in the working world.

Baking Science: (or Bake Tech) is a lab that is all about how baking works and the science behind it.We will learn to make foods with egg, flour, sugar substitutes, also how baked good will turn out when you change the balance of certain ingredients.Like, how will cookies bake and taste without baking powder etc.

While these classes won’t be a walk in the park with the amount of homework and the number of tests, I will have more free time which will be a godsend.Taking labs almost 40 hours a week ontop of working another 40 hours a week can really get stressful!Hopefully now, with every thursday off to myself I can go skiing atleast once a week.

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